Santa Claus Picture

chris_2009January 25, 2009

Ok, so I'm a little late. But just wanted to show you my painted Santa.

Ok, I'm going away to paint now. You all inspire me,

thank you!


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Chris, Santa is so cute. I think we can paint whatever our little hearts desire and post on here. I still have a few santas to paint but not sure when I'll get motivated.

I started a few snowmen today and can't seem to stay focused with my paintin today.

I hope you keep posting so we have something to see when we browse.


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Hi Chris and welcome to the forum. I don't think anyone here will mind seeing Santa at any time of year. As Luvs says "You're not late, you are early for next year". ha I don't plan on sticking with the holidays this year so I may be painting Santa in July. =)
Your Santa is very cute. Love the eyes. What kind of paper did you use? I painted about 30 star shaped santa's on cut up paper grocery bags, glued backs on them and stuffed them for an order from a friend a long time ago. ha So many fun mediums we can use. Thank you for sharing it and hope you come back often. ~Anj

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That looks like a fun project. Are you using a pattern or just painting freehand? I'm finishing up some santas and snowmen projects that I didn't get done before Christmas. In fact, I've been so "into" Christmas decorations this year that I really don't want to stop! LOL I just paint whatever strikes my fancy, and we sure don't care on here--just love to see all kinds of projects.

I just can't express how thrilled I am to have more painters joining in here, makes it so fun to have more posts to look at each time we sign on. If any of you are taking classes, be sure to invite your classmates to come by here and join in too, okay?


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Hi Chris.....Santa's eyes are so lovable! And every month is Santa's month....after all he works towards Christmas all year long, so can we!

I haven't tried painting on paper, but want to! Have to find some hints on what to do though.

Keep posting!


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