Can you help a newbie to OSP with a ??

Jill_NCJanuary 30, 2002

I have some OSP laminated sheets, some Folk Art paints, and a video and am "trying" to teach myself OSP. Here's my question. Last night I was "practicing" on the laminated sheet for the 2nd time. In the video and the instruction book I have, it says to double load the brush and blend on the palette till the brush is loaded 2/3 full. Got that down, but then it says not to go back to blending and only pick up a little paint when needed. Here's the problem--my brush seemed to get dry & sticky. The only mention of using water is in the beginning just to wet the brush and then gently wipe on a paper towel. How can I keep the brush from doing that while I'm practicing?? Do you never go back and blend again on the palette after the initial loading?

Many thanks for the help. I'm excited about trying to learn OSP, but it seems a little harder than Donna makes it look! I'll probably have more questions down the road...especially on that "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle" technique (LOL!)

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Jill, yes you go back many times and reload the brush and work the paint into it. the secret to OSP is having enough paint on your brush! That is hard to learn. I have never painted before so I signed up for a class. It was two nights and cost $25. but was well worth it because you have someone there that can answer your questions and show you some of the tricks. I will agree that Donna doe make it look easier than it seems when you first start but don't give up. I finished my firt project's not perfect but it is a beginning and so I signed up for the next class, and can hardly wait to go. Good luck, and don't get discouraged.

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Thanks, Tacomab! I'll try that. I'd love to find a class to take, but I'm a SAHM and my DH works crazy hours AND we live way out in the country. I figure that if my mom can learn pen & ink and watercolor painting at 65, I can learn OSP!!

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Hi Jill,
Just read your post and thought I'd mention also that Donna uses Flow Medium when she demos on QVC and Our Home...You can buy it where the acrylic paints are sold...and it does keep the paint from drying on the brush so quickly... and makes it flow onto your project with ease. You can also find OSP teachers listed by state
at . I've had only one class, and I love OSP !!!My teacher told us you don't need "talent" to paint,...just PRACTICE ! PRACTICE ! PRACTICE ! I have several of Donna's kits from QVC that have videos (I ordered the 3 video kit today), and they're great instructional tools. Michael's also sells a couple of them. You might want to invest in one of the keep yourself encouraged ! Where do you live in NC ? I'm from Wilkesboro... the home of Tyson Chicken ! but now I live in
MD ! Hope this helps ! I'm rooting for you homegirl ! Keep on practicing !!!
Crafty hugs,
Candy in MD

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