Sealing Malimine (?)

pennymacdonaldJanuary 8, 2002

A friend of mine who does a local craft show came to me and asked me to do a sign for her to put outside during the show. She wanted it done on the stuff they call malimine(sp)

It is a partical board and this one happens to be white. A very smooth surface. I have seen kitchen cupboards made with this stuff. My question to all of you is...if I paint it what do I seal it with so it will last for ever? Keep in mind, this is going outside.

Any information would be great.


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My husband does cabinetry so I ask him your question. He says that malimine really isn't meant for outdoor use. Yet if you really want to use it you'll need to sand it before you paint it. You have to find a way to seal the outside even if the edge is trimmed the seams could potentially absorb water. The only sealer that may be strong enough to keep water out is marine varnish but it will yellow as it weathers. My husband says if even the smallest amount of water gets to the partical core it will expand within a matter of days. Bottom line, this really isn't the right
surface to use for this project so maybe you need to talk to your friend about a different way to make her project.

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