How many square feet is your "small home"

tlbean2004July 22, 2014

My house is 859sf.

It has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath, but i live alone so it is enough space for me.

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1100sf. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. No basement, but a full attic. Almost perfect size for the two of us + 2 cats and a large dog.

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Our nearly-completed home is 1295 square feet. One bedroom, 1-1/2 bathrooms on the main level. It's what I call 'luxurious' for an empty nest couple. The basement is the same size and fully insulated, so it could easily twice as big, but then I couldn't post here!

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House is 1008 sf, 2BR/1BA.

Cottage is 480 sf, 1BR/1BA.

Getting ready for a remodel, measuring the cottage, the numbers didn't add up and I found out I'd measured wrong when I first bought. Found 2 extra linear feet adding up to another 40 sf. :-)

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1638 SF....3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Kitchen, LR, DR, Utility/Office, Double Garage, safe area in crawl space. Love it!

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We have 1375 SQ FT with open porch of another 200 SF FT ish. We are technically a two bedroom two bath with den. I had them leave the closet off the Den because I have furniture for the space. It could be a bedroom if closet were added and there is room for it. The den is my sewing room guest room office and my quiet room when I feel the need for one. The second bedroom is my art studio.

Open floor plan in kitchen living room dinning room. Half an acre yard. We also have a 30 by 42 shop building with storage loft.

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640 sf and I thought it was small. If 1600 is small ours is tiny I guess :)

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1640 sq ft, ranch style, (unfinished basement 1240 sq ft.)
3 bd 2 bath, family & living rooms...plenty of space, 3 car garage, acre lot.

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mine's probably around 1400 sf. 4 bd/2 bath. 3 bdrms are small - like 10x10

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I'm over the limit for this forum, but wasn't when we first bought this house. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1408 sq ft. Since then we have added on and are around 2100 now.

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LOL Marti. you better take away that extra 100 SQ FT. Joking of course.

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I was in the same boat as Marti--
Just over 1400 sq ft 3bd 2 bath. With 4 people living here, it wasn't big enough (we don't have basements here. I consider a basement more sq ftage!). We added on right around 700sq ft so are right around 2100 as well. Now, 4bd, 3 bath with 4 people.

Once there was a thread like this and people posted it up. It was my observation, that I still hold true, that a person needs about 500 sq ft. So, 1 person is comfy in a 600sq ft house (no problem); but 2 in a 1000sq ft, and 3 in 1500; 4 in 2000, etc. I know for us, moving from 3 people to 4 and 1400 to 2100sq ft was the right, comfortable thing to do.

(Also, those with "small houses" in NICE sunny locales, or with basements that effectively double the size of the home, live in larger than their "official" house sqftage, in my book. Here, we have rain (even today) and 60* a lot. It isn't really conducive to outdoor living).

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Also, those with "small houses" in NICE sunny locales, or with basements that effectively double the size of the home, live in larger than their "official" house sqftage, in my book.

Agree. Same for those who have a barn or outbuilding where they can store items or work on projects that others do within the square footage of their house.

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1,544 total. Just shy of 1,200 in the 3BR, 1-3/4 Bath house. Just shy of 400 in the former garage, which is now finished and part laundry/dog room and part DH's office/music room. We also have a small basement. It's accessible only from the outside, but is the only real storage we have. For the two of us, it seems just about right.

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1428 square feet with 3 bedrooms (one tiny) and one bathroom on the first floor. Two large rooms up with a 1/2 bath and full basement with 1/2 bath. Just DH, me and the three dogs. Two car garage with breezeway and one small shed in the backyard.

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Maybe I belong in the "Smallest" home forum ha! My house is 720 bedroom, one tiny room and one bathroom. But it has an attic and a basement.

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Cindy Noll

1540 sq. ft. 3 bedroom 1 bath for 28 years. Unfinished 1200 sq. ft. basement. 2 years ago finally got my 2nd bath in the basement. Steps for the basement are in the garage, but the extra bath was heavenly for 2 years with 1 son here full time & 1 here on vacations. DS#1 officially made settlement on a house today & DS#2 moved 4 hours away a few months ago, so we will have plenty of room. DH, myself & 2 dogs. We never felt cramped in this house. We have a family room & living room, dining room kitchen etc. My dream house would be 2000 sq. ft., but this small ranch worked just fine for 30 years. DS#1 bought a beautiful 27 year old cape cod that's around 1600 square feet & it's on a beautiful lot. I think it will suit him & his SO for many years. He even got the 2 bathrooms right off the bat!

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According to the caption on this forum, anything less than 2,000 SF qualifies as a "smaller home". However, that's not my definition. I guess it's all relative.

My current house is 1,700+ SF. My first house was just less than 900 SF. Probably about 1,250 SF would be ideal for me.

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7-800 sf. But the attic was made into an additional bedroom, it is an additional 200-300sf although you can't stand up near the room perimeter because of the roof slope.

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I lurk here often. Bought a 1115 sf house in 2012. Just me here.

two living areas
two bedrooms
1 bathroom

Works Great for me. Don't feel cramped.


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About 1400 sf. Three bedrooms - but two are small enough that you couldn't really put anything larger than a twin bed in them. I use one as my sewing/dressing room, the other is mostly used for storage. 1-1/2 baths. The 1/2 bath is also the laundry room. Living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen. We have more "living" space than bedroom space which is perfect for us.

We do have a basement but you can barely stand up straight down down there and the only access is from the garage so I don't consider that to be bonus square footage. We don't even use it for storage - too creepy. lol It holds the furnace and water heater.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Well, I live in a smaller home for our area, considering 1500 sq ft is the minimum allowable build in our town. Our main floor is 2100 sq ft (we finished the basement) and many of our neighbors are 4,000-8,000 sq ft. So while I may not be "allowed" I'm still here. And we moved here from a 1500 sq ft ranch we lived in for 30 years, so I figure I'm 'grandfathered' in.

I thought tiny houses were under 750 sq ft or so, no?

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'1500 sq ft is the minimum allowable build in our town.'

I wonder how long those kind of rules are going to hold up in the face of increasing pressure to be 'green'? When we looked at property, some areas required as much as 2500 sq ft, and we originally were planning to build about 1200. We wound up with just under 1300 sq ft, although we could easily finish the basement, bumping us up to over 2500 sq ft. While I see the need for anti-shack laws, it irks me that I would be required to build (and pay taxes on) a certain minimum that exceeds my needs.

'Small' is a relative term. For two empty-nesters, 1300 sq ft, plus a similar basement is not 'small', in my opinion. Cram a family of 8 in the same size house, and it's downright tiny. It's interesting to research what the rest of the world is living in, while we struggle to get by in our 'small' homes.

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I really love all of the tiny house blogs because it shows how well people have adapted to living at or below their means. I spent my childhood summers with my Depression Era grandparents so maybe I just find small living more appealing.

Our first house was about 850 sqft but had a poor layout. It was just the two of us, but a friend and her two middle school aged children lived with us for about a year. It still wasn't bad most of the time, and we had a useable unfinished basement.

Our second house was about 1600 sqft, and it felt gigantic. I hated cleaning it because it felt very spread out. After we had DD we realized we were really only living in maybe half of the house and the rest was a hallway. We had accumulated enough furniture and just stuff to fill it, but we just weren't happy living toward the end of our price range since I had become a SAHM.

We're living in a very old farmhouse on the family farm now. I would guess it's around 1100 sqft (it was originally one room but now added onto four or five times so a very odd shape). This house still feels big even with the three of us.

We will buy some land close to the farm but planning on building around 650 sqft. We took our first family vacation last month to Vancouver BC (that included DD) and decided it's more important to us to take nice family vacations every year and send DD to fun camps and classes then to have a big house.

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I didn't know that some towns have a minimum square footage. HOA "compounds", yes. But whole towns? (Maybe I did but have blocked it.) That's kind of weird, isn't it? Seems to me that property values and taxes would prevent shacks from being erected. Why not allow smaller houses if they are willing to pay the price?

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Elraes Miller

Roses, I have known of a few towns which required a minimum size on private lots. It has been awhile since thinking about this. I know in our city you cannot have a trailer or modular unless it is in an approved business group/land managing such. These haven't been approved either for years. One would have to build in the county.

I live in one of the oldest neighborhoods. It was and still is the elite with grand mansions mixed with teeny houses near the beginning of the base of our mountains. Before all the "rules", they allowed every size and style. There are many older homes with cute rentals included on their property site. The area is beautiful and love the old houses here, not so much the new million dollar monsters which tore down the history and little houses to buy multiple lots for building. One of the only pluses to the housing prices turn down which saw this go away during the last years.

My home is 1100 sq. ft and has decent size bedrooms, large living room and good size kitchen. But no dining area, which I would like to have since it means kitchen dining. But I don't do formal and few large meals requiring one. The layout of the living room suggests dining was was at the end, but use the entire area for living. I did build two log cabin storage units in back and have an extra long single garage. All help in the overflow.

Annie, your visits are always welcome. My list of learning from you is too long to take up a post. Don't go away and thank you for keeping my creativity alive. When I see you name on any forum, jump to see what you have to share.

I do miss the activity we once had here and so many which ventured away. To all new/old, it would be great to ramp up again.

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In our little city the minimum size house is 320 SQ FT.

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We just finished building our 1456 square foot house. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a separate room as an office. Laundry room off the kitchen.

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We have 900 square feet, one bedroom, 1 bath. We put a murphy bed in the living room and we sleep there. Son has bedroom.

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I'm at about 1575 (I think) with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, 1 person. Each room is huge. The living area is a big open space which consists of office space, living and dining about 25 x 45.

Now that I've been here about 1.5 years it is much bigger than I need.

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We have 1485 sf, 3 BR, 2 bath, LR and large eat-in kitchen. Perfect for us two empty-nesters, not so perfect when son and three children (ages 2, 5 and 8) moved in! However - it is doable, and we were dealing with just one bathroom while the other was torn apart for remodel. We figured it would be for just a few months, ended up lasting five years, lol! It was impossible to keep up with and work too, but we made it work and had a lot of fun.

Now it feels like we live in a mansion, but I sure do have some good memories of that time...

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I am planning to move into my husband's 1500 sf house with him. It's 1 br, 1 bath, with some former sleeping porches that have been enclosed providing about 300 sf that aren't heated or cooled. They are also very narrow and not that useful. One wing is a huge kitchen/DR which is beautiful but not very efficient.

I have cats to which he is terribly allergic (though he is quite fond of them). His dog might be rather too fond of them: she tears all her toys apart and we can't trust her near them.

So for me to move in, we are turning his 600 sf detached garage into livable space for me and the cats, which will put us just over the limit also. His house has a lot of architectural character, so we don't want to mess with the original layout.

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I've got a post with updates on it. I'm currently living in it and finishing it with help as I go.

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~ 1000 sq ft, 3bd/1ba

3 teenagers, 1 adult, 2 dogs & a cat

That's 4 females sharing one bathroom. But we make it work.

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1008 sq ft: 1br/1ba on the main floor, with a loft upstairs

2 adults, 2 cats.
We have a shed out back that's our 'garage storage' - it is 216 sq ft, and
A separate guest room that's 120 sq ft.

Compared to where we moved from, its small, but writing it here - its plenty of space. Besides, I'm convinced that whatever space you have you just fill it up with stuff.

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Am I allowed to post here if it is a condo?
(Still my home ehhh...)
1,200 sq ft. 2 bedroom/2bath.
2 parking stalls. Small IKEA storage unit in public area.
I'm learning to downsize.....

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Well this thread is a little depressing for me, mostly because I don't like my house most of the time. Ours is a raised ranch, about 1200 sq feet, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, partially finished basement. We do have a good-sized yard. And we're a family of 4 (2 tween/teen daughters!) and a small dog.

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2400 sq ft. Family of four. No basement (crawlspace), though we do have a 400+ sq ft detached garage that houses tools, toys, a ping pong table, and as soon as I go pick it up, a pinball machine from 1975. The vehicles park in the driveway :(

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Originally, we had 850 sf.
We had two open porches, enclosed those and ended up with (10x10) + (15x6) = 190 so 1040 .

We added a 20x5=100 bumpout for a tub and walkin closet.
Now up to 1140 sf existing at this time.

Our remodel job will tear off one of the porches (15x6)=-90
And add on 30x9=270

So once our final remodel is done, we will have a house that is 1140 - 90 = 1050 + 270 = 1320 sf

It will be 2 bedroom 2 bath with a sun porch and a master sitting room and an updated kitchen with new roofing and totally new hardwood flooring. The living room can be closed off as a guest room.

I consider the house to have TWO MASTER SUITES, since each BR will have its own bath and closet. There will be a deck 8x25 on the back.

Right now I don't know if the entry will be updated or not, depends on the cost of the estimate with it included.

I consider it will make a good business rental to Airbus, which is less than a mile from our house; it could be leased to them for TDY personnel coming from France. Plus, of course, I have the cement block Teahouse 25x20 out back which could be outfitted as an entertainment area, since it has a loft with spiral stairs, wide garage type double doors, and has a/c but not water nor sewage. City code would not allow us to add that, to prevent it being rented as a separate dwelling..

Our city lot was small for our gardening needs, so a neighbor very sweetly allowed us to buy a 25x100 strip of her lot and that is where I have my hosta garden. (I know, this is Mobile Alabama and hosta do not grow here....but do not tell my plants, all 500 of them are doing nicely thank you.)

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What a darling home moccasin.

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I feel like mine is small for our family, but it seems big compared to some of those listed here.

We're at about 1800 square feet, but with three teenagers at home, so essentially five adult sized people in three bedrooms. :)

We're going to turn out detached single car garage into a finished office space, just to have a big more room until the kids are all grown.

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We have 888 sq ft ranch with two adults, a toddler, a preschooler and a 50lb dog. 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom plus an additional 100 sqft sun porch (unheated/cooled) and a full unfinished basement that we use for storage and workout space.

We actually are under contract to sell this house (after only 9 days on the market, woohoo!) and we have a verbal agreement to buy a cape, hopefully signing the sales agreement tomorrow. New house is 1587 sft, 4 beds, 1.5 baths, with a partially finished basement. It's going to feel like a mansion compared to what we are used to!

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I'll show you our framed in addition. It REPLACES the old enclosed back porch, which means I subtracted that space before adding this new addition. I intended it to be just 9 feet deep (the porch was 6.5 feet deep) but they framed it for 10 feet deep.. It also goes all the way across the back of the house, which means it backs up to the whole kitchen, the whole bedroom, and the whole walkin closet. I think the width of the entire addition is something like 32 feet. So 10 x 32 = 320 sq feet divided almost in half to split between the sitting room and the kitchen expansion. I'll have to look at the plans again, but it seems like I saw the figure 1450 sq ft for the house. That seems pretty large, since we began with 850 , enclosed the sun porch for 100, enclosed the back porch for another 7 x 14 = 98 or say 100. Up to 1050. Then we added the 5 x 19 = 95 or say 100...bumpout for the bathroom and walkin closet. Makes it 1150

Take away the back porch (-100) to get 1050 again. Then add in 320 and I'm at 1370. Figure I've made some errors in measurement because I did not measure the exterior perimeters, just inside rooms and added them together. So I guess the plans are pretty correct in square footage.

Notice there is big blocking across the top of the interior wall for reinforcing the hanging hardware for the barn door. I'll show that later after I've stripped most of the paint off.

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About 1400 sq ft. I just moved here recently and am still a little shocked at all there is to do. Plenty of room for one person and two cats. Like most early 1900s homes the bedrooms (3) are small; one is tiny. I'm thinking about making that one a craft and sewing room. Also have a bonus sun room upstairs -that will be a TV/reading room. One bathroom on second floor. Generous living room and dining room, lovely 4 season sun porch. Small kitchen.

After much research on how to get a comfortable sofa of any type up my very narrow 1915 stairs (with a hairpin turn) I discovered Simplicity Sofas. Just ordered one and can't wait to get it! They come in parts so you can get them into small spaces--but they are quality furniture with rave reviews online. Just thought this might be a good tip for small home owners.

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It's been a while - thought I'd check in again....waiting for new (old) house renovations to be completed, including eliminating 3rd bedroom to open the kitchen/eat-in area to a dining room/office. 1200 sf one floor which will feel huge compared to my current 1100 which is on 2 floors; meaning essentially I live in 780 sf.; very cramped without a dining area at all and has a very tiny LR. And I am just as excited to finally having a garage!

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Campanula UK Z8

720 sf - and at one time, there were 6 adults, 2 large dogs, 2 cats and one small grandchild here....but this is england and not the US.

Sort of dreading Xmas....when everyone will reconvene here, along with an additional 2 adults and various pets.

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We just remodeled a little cottage around 600sqft 2BR. We're renting it now and plan to live there in retirement. Our friends think we're crazy but it is 1.5 acres on a riverbend so I never plan to be in the house anyway. The garage is bigger than the house so that's where DH will be..

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1620 sf Three bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, dining room, kitchen and laundry/ pantry.

This is my retirement house; no steps and large attached garage.

Just enough room for me and the three big dogs.

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1120 sf 2 BR 1 BA 1927 bungalow; LR, DR, KIT. There are only 2 closets total (and they're not original to the house) The dining room is the largest room in the house. A small room opens off the living room that was once 1/2 of the porch, and is now the "Florida room" - it's 7 X 9 ft. Plus there's a matching room off the foyer, which is the cats' room. The laundry room was the original back porch. The footprint of the house has never changed since 1927. It's all one level so I can continue aging in place, hopefully!

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Our house is a 1941 cape, with a detached double garage. Right now we have approximately 1500 finished sf, but when part of the basement is finished we will be around 2100 sf. We have added a 16 X 18 ft deck off the back, remodeled bathrooms and added one to make this a 4 BR, 3 BA house.

With all the work we have done here, it is doubtful that we will be moving until we absolutely have to.

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We are just under 1500 sf., but my last house was only 600 sf and was MUCH easier to keep clean!

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1100 square foot, 1962 brick rancher. 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath.

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Houses really can be too small, just as they can be too big.
I grew up as part of a family of 8 living in a house that was about 1200 square feet. It was far too small. We felt crowded and noisy all the time. There was no place to ever be alone and think your own thoughts. I swore that when I grew up I would live in a big house.

Well, now I do, one too big for this forum. And it is genuinely a lovely house. But you know what? Now that the kids are grown, it really is too big. Now I don't want to go back to 1200 square feet, but I would like to get back to belonging on this forum, say something around 1800-2000. I like houses with lots of built-ins, but I really don't need a huge house.

Not going to happen anytime soon. My husband dearly loves our current house and I like many of its features, just not its size. I come by to read the forum now and then and make plans for what we would do if he changed his mind.


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The house I live in is two levels. Combined living space is probably around 1750 sq ft. This is the largest place I've lived in as an adult. I've lived in many small apartments -500 to 900 sq ft., and a few houses all under 1400 sq. ft. I read this forum to get/share ideas for a future home that will likely be much smaller than the one I live in now.

It doesn't matter at all what size home a person lives in currently, anyone with helpful ideas to share should feel welcome to contribute here.

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"now I do, one too big for this forum."

shut off a floor of it if you can ... then it won't be so big...

besides, as llucy said we like all kinds of input. Someone dreaming of a smaller place - or raised in one might have some very good ideas on how to make use of the space available!
And you can join in with comments on pics posted for help to fix, change, update etc.

I read and post on kitchens even tho I'm not really redoing mine. A few minor changes I don't really need input on - like changing the sink and handles (I've already got the sink and picked out the handles). I'm going to put some innards in 2 cabs and I posted questions on that here. When I get closer to ordering a new kitchen light fixture I'll post here to get opinions on which of the 2 finalists to get.

More input is always helpful.

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Thought I'd already posted size but here it is again: 2047 sf ranch.... 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. We have a 2 car garage and an enclosed patio. 4 adults so it is comfortable but I can well imagine downsizing/closing off rooms should my adult sons ever move out! Grew up in suburbia in 2500, 4200 and 2900 sf homes with lots of siblings. Can't imagine caring for so much space now.

I'm at the age where I want to shed possessions! 12 place settings of china, tree ornaments and decorations that I no longer hang, project cars!!! (going on 31 years for THAT space hog but DH still dreams of getting it running), bread machines, crystal, serving pieces, extra furniture, etc. Habitat Restore benefits from our purging as does Salvation Army.

Moccasinlanding how dare those hostas be so obstinate as to thrive in Alabama! They really do look lovely as does your cottage. I'm trying to establish perennial peanut instead of water hog st. augustine grass.... oh the weeds are persistent and the dog digs plenty of holes in the yard.

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Since I just joined, figured sharing my smaller house stats would help as an intro.

1,200 sq-ft, one level on slab, unfinished attic. Two 10'x10' bedrooms. 12'x14' MBR w/ 5'x5' powder room. 5'x8' Main bathroom. "Great Room" configuration ktchen & LR. Separate pantry. Family Room. House built in 1947 and remodeled in 1974 by original owners. (We bought from the heirs in 2013.)

There's a covered back porch off of the pantry, a breezeway, and a carport. An 8'x10' "potting cottage", too. Everything nestles into the 1/3-acre fenced yard.

It is still an adjustment going from 2,400 sq-ft over three levels. Honestly thought I'd downsized properly before moving. Wrong! Still looking at unpacked boxes...and wondering what can be bequeathed to two adult children ;-).

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After kids, we went from 3,500 6BR/4BA to two smaller houses in different locations. One is 640, screen porch, covered porch, 2 car garage on a river. The other is 800ish with a screened porch. Both are 2 BR/1BA with a sleeping loft.

We sold most of our furniture and stuff- we couldn't be happier.

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1200 sq ft, 3 bed/1.75 bath (I say 1.75 bath because the master has a shower but no bathtub). No basement, no attic except the garage rafters. 2 adults, 2 boys ages 5 1/2 and 10. Every week I'm finding things to donate in an attempt to maintain order ;-)

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Our farmhouse is about 800 square feet, plus we have a detached studio of about 250 square feet (which is attached to our 3-car garage). Just DH and I with our 3 doggies, but it used to be 4 until one passed away 2.5 months ago.

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Before I launch of into the ether, LavenderLass..... Your husband is doing OK now, and y'all are over and out of perils and pitfalls that befell y'all?

This is gonna be a fairly long ramble, 'cause I’m really good at such things, and I sorta kinda in a way wanna brag about it all anyway.....

We started on our new place at the end of this past June. Well, if you count the well and septic as starting, it was the first week of June

We have a nice 1888 sq ft house on a couple of acres surrounded by a couple of acres of county owned "Storm water run off ROW" right down town here in the middle of the big city,
Well, OK, with the "finished basement" I reckon it's really more like 3456 sq ft, but around here nobody counts a finished basement as part of the house. It's kind of just expected.

We have always had a place way out in the sticks since we first got together 33 years ago.

We had a really nice almost 2.5 miles off the road down a private ROW in the middle of an Appalachian foothills hollow out of the way almost 40 acres that we bought when the kids started middle school and we decided I was keeping the "new" job and that we would move closer to the real world than our 105 acres in the middle nowhere Tennessee was.
Then a moron in a great big hurry passed a school bus on a curve and there I was.

To make a real long story short enough to bear, everybody but me thought that being a "Neurological disaster area" that far off the road with no neighbors and cell phone service only if you're in the right spot is totally unreasonable.
My wife said she would be OK with me finding a place just as country just half as close to home (which would have been 13.75 miles) and half as far off the road with a neighbor or two...... Which of course no one thought I would ever be able to do.

So, I asked everyone everywhere that I came across and looked and looked and drove down every un-named pig path around and at last found a very nice 17.3 acres located almost right where three counties meet right in the very middle of the NC Piedmont. Unbelievably rural for considering its' being just 7.5 miles from the square in the booming metropolis of Mocksville, NC. and pretty much equi-distant to Salisbury, Lexington, Statesville, and Wake Forest University/Baptist Medical Centerin Winston-Salem. And it's just 47 miles to the terminal entrance at Piedmont-Triad International Airport in Greensboro, NC. and 67 miles to the terminal entrance at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, NC too.

C was at first in shock that I actually found such a place and was a tough sell on me getting us this, but she finally realized that I was never going to shut up about it said if I could swing the deal that she would sign her name on the dotted line right next to mine.
Everybody concerned, the people selling it, the real estate agent, the neighbors, the county folks, the people down the road, everybody, said we were never going to get it at what I was willing to pay.
Everybody, except me of course, had little enough faith in my unfathomable charm and and bull dog (though many call it bull something else) tenacity to think that I would ever be able to talk us into making such a deal. But, I DID!
And so C just like she said she would ended up signing her pretty little signature right next to mine and it's since Dec 2013, it's ours.....

Very private at a little over 1.3 miles off the pavement across three cattle grates through pasture and woods down an excellent shared private drive with one neighbor 500 - 600 feet distant on each side of the home-site. A school teacher couple with no kids on one side, and a retired serviceman and wife on the other, and an absolutely palatial estate behind across the river. Due to the location on an oxbow of the river, and being in a three county "Designated Agricultural District", that's all the neighbors there will be. And the "Designated Agricultural Area" is bigger than this whole one town one high school county of maybe 40,000 is, and near as I can tell has a population density of 32 per square mile, which for east of the Appalachians, especially in the Ga/SC/NC/Va Piedmont, means it's virtually empty.

Sort of a pie shaped property with almost 2100' on the S Yadkin River. From a +75' bluff above the river down to several hundred feet of actual real sandy beach right down along and with two great big and deep swimming holes including one with a great big rock sticking up right in the middle for an excellent diving platform into its' 12 - 13 foot deep hole, with 300' fronting the "drive", +3000' along the longest side of the property with +1200' along the "opposite" side. And the river is from beginning to end one of the very few NC state "Protected Watershed"s and there willnever be any kind of development adjacent to it, no industrial plants, no sewer plants no nothing except woods and farmland.

C had serious doubts about the rational of buying this place, but, the chances that anybody could now talk her into selling bit and buying something else, are substantially less than zero.....

Approx. 5.5 acres of very nice and healthy pasture/field - with close to 12 acres in large mature hardwood's from level river-front floodplain to gently sloping to fairly steep hillside. And several acres of those hardwoods down in the flood plain that will one day make another several acres of beautiful shaded summertime pasture too.

We have us a new permitted and tested and approved 282' well with static water at 60', and a new permitted and tested and approved septic system installed. We bought a really odd 14 X 68 half of a double wide with an odd 2 separate pitches roof that we stripped out from end to end and is now in the process of being completely and totally ever so slowly redone by ME formerly 2 bed/2 bath - now being turned into a luxurious 960 sq ft 1 bath, 1 bedroom with a small alcove, an entrance-hallway/laundry/closet, a 9'6" X 13' "spare" room (for ME!), and a large sewing room and walk in closet.

VERY rustic in the outside appearance as the neighbors are like minded and none of us are concerned with what the drive by traffic that will never be, nor are any of us about impressing the county tax folks or anybody else except for the Great Blue Herons, Beavers, Bald Eagles, Deer, Turkey, Fox, Bobcats. Rabbits, Raccoons, Skunks, Possums, Wood Ducks, and according to one local lunatic, Bigfoot too, that are all in abundance here.

A wonderful retirement place for us, our now grown and hopefully permanently gone kids, our 5 dogs, horses, cattle, goats, and chickens, and our peace of mind too.....
You could look and look, but it's it's absolutely no exaggeration to say that no one will ever find another "almost like being in the mountains" place like this anywhere in all of the Ga/SC/NC/Va Piedmont.

OK. The youngest of the great big Great Pyrenees wanting to go out and play in the snow,
I am done with my brag.....

As next week is the first time this season since early November that we'll see temperatures hit 60F, work is about to once again, begin in earnest. And regular reports of perils and "progress" and pic's too are soon to follow.

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