Emagineer, a table question.....

jaybirdJuly 27, 2007

In an older post, you mentioned :

"Found a table that matches my cabinets and opens up from 13" deep to 35" or 50". "

I need a table such as that, and I'm wondering if you can post any further information????

Sincere thanks in advance for any help!


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Here is the link to the table. I'm not using the chairs, but the box they are in is so small it is easy to store somewhere and if needed they could be used. Although not a decorators delight when it comes to design, the compact size works for what is wanted and it is sturdy, nicely finished. Actually, the table is a lot nicer and larger than it looks in the pic. Those chairs make it look a bit tacky.

Have two very nice benches/chairs from my other table, they add some style and fit the table perfectly. I think for the price and use it was a good buy.

You have probably seen this table design before, it is an old common design and I see them in antique stores a lot. The storage area under the table is enclosed and am using the space for other things.

I decided to bump into my wall and add storage cabinets/shelves rather than a cove area for the table. Mounted my china cabinet on the wall and the table fits underneath. Table has rollers on one end to pull out or I can just lift one leaf for a couple of people, to let the grandkids play games, etc. Fully opened you can fit 6 adults with lots of eating space.

My home dinners are few, so getting rid of the one I had really opened up kitchen space. Enough room that I brought my antique kitchen work island back in. Put rollers on it to move easily if I need the table out. For some reason I couldn't let this go and had it in the garage for over a year. Sometimes "not" letting go works out.

Here is a link that might be useful: compact table

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IKEA has a similar table in their latest catalog.
It's called a Gateleg Table and has a stack of three drawers coming out each side of the collapsed unit.

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I've never seen anything like that !!! What a wonderful idea ! I wish I had an Ikea around here .....I'll have to check the website & order a catalog. Thank you !

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The IKEA table is great. Would work really well and like the idea of drawers on both sides. Price is less too. The only thing it doesn't have is rollers, but easily added. Thanks for posting it.

They won't ship most of the items shown on their site and sure miss having a store around. Can you order from the catalog and have large items shipped?

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Thank you ALL for your help. The only one I could find was "Art and Artifact", and the foot span is too wide for my space!
I really appreciate your time to help me hunt!!

Here is a link that might be useful: the one I found...

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