Seattle Convetions

pezabelleJanuary 7, 2011

KraftyMom.....I read that you are in Seattle and not far from Sea-Tac where a convention was held. I believe I read somewhere in a magazine that there is also one at the Seattle Convention Center in downtown Seattle.

I know S. Seattle very well or maybe I should say I used to know that area having been born and raised there. With all of the road changes and volume of cars I hate city driving. Anyway I will keep my eye open for information about this convention and try to plan a day to attend. Will look up Tole Liners and find out what I can.

Thanks Again for the info! How could I have missed this post? A fellow Washingtonian? On my side of the mountains! Only two hours away! Wow!


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I've never heard of one being at the Convention Center but who knows? Anything is possible. :-)

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There is a Seattle SDP Chapter and an Portland SDP Chapter who alternate a Painting Convention each year. It is usually the 3rd or 4th week of September. In 2011 it will be held in Porland and you can visit the Raindrop Chapter for information. You do not have to be a member to attend classes or the show.

There is also a convention coming up in Las Vegas their website is They also have a nice show you can attend, it's held at the Tropicana and room prices are $69 a night.

I will be in Las Vegas-anyone else going?

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Hi Tollpeggy, I won't be going but I sure would love to hear all about it from you after you go! Will you please come by and share some of the details with us? Luvs

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Tollpeggy, thank you for the information. I have read about the Chapter in Seattle, but as I am half way between Seattle and Portland....that is quite a distance. I have tried twice to make the convention in Seattle but conflicting events seem to get in the way...hope I can make it this year.

Again, Thanks for the info and hope to see you here quite often!


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Tollpeggy - Betty Bowers from Down Home Primitives is going to the Convention in Las Vegas. She aked me if I knew anyone that was going because she is looking for someone to share a room with. If you are interested you can send her a msg through Facebook

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