Jerry Yarnell - Landscape

marylee_2010January 15, 2011

I just watched a painting instruction show on PBS ch 14 here on Ohio. It follows the Bob Ross show and I saw it for the first time last week. Jerry Yarnell is the instructor and he takes you through all the steps including blocking and it takes four or five lessons to finish a painting. His lesson is in acrylics but you can use oils. I really enjoyed watching and learning. He was on at 2PM EST. Saturday. - Marylee

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I have seen Jerry Yarnell and he is good. Just not my style of painting. But then neither is Bob Ross. I like the florals and faces, children and ladies - not too big on the masculine type painting. But I do appreciate what anyone teaches, you can certainly learn something from everyone.

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I have Dishnetwork and would love to be able to watch painting shows by anyone. I never seem to come across any but if any of you know whats on please let me know. I've never bought any videos either. I'm just not one to watch If it was painting that would be a whole new story.


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Marylee - there are several painting shows on tv depending on where you live and what kind of tv feed you have - cable, satellite, etc. There is the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross (love him!); Jerry Yarnell's; Donna Dewberry has her one stroke method, there is another female who paints with both acrylics and oils but I can't remember her name at the moment. Do an online search of 'painting shows on tv' and it will show you several things you might want to look into further.

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Thank you everyone for the info on the TV programs, never thought about doing a computer search!

Punk.... I play my instructional DVD's on my laptop computer while I am painting. I play them several time and really wish it was in my budget to buy more. Just got one I thought I would really like on how to paint a of my favorite flowers. Well as most of you know I am an "paint within the lines" painter and this artist....ah....left things dangling. Don't think I would or ever could paint a flower like she did but I picked up other tips from her DVD.

PS I also watch old movies while I paint, they are more verbal than visual.

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Another painter I enjoy is Gary Jenkins. He and his wife Kathwren paint flowers and birds.

Did any of you know that William Alexander started the Magic of Oil Painting technique which Bob Ross picked up? I really like WA.

Belle, I love the old movies while I paint also! Or music CD's, especially classical or show tunes.


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Thank you everyone for your info re: painters. I have watched Bob Ross, Donna Dewberry and I even remember William Alexander. I will look up the other painters.

I have a lot of pattern books and some painting magazines. Why does it seem like you can never have enough painting patterns and books? Thanks again - Marylee

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So fun to read all these posts, ladies. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out with working so much. I need to see if I can find some painting shows. I no longer have a lap top but could ask DD for it back. She uses it for the business so I better

Marylee, when I get in the painting mode, I can't have enough books but when it's time to put all of them away I think a little differently at times.haha


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