Hand Painted Bird Feeder

kraftymomJanuary 21, 2010

I haven't shared anything in a really long time and I can't remember if I've shown this piece already but this was a thrift store find bird feeder that I stained and painted. The design is the same on both sides.

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That is so cute. Thanks for sharing you work and for bringing a bit of badly needed summer sunshine.

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My little birdies would love it, I know the squirrels would have a ball eating from this birdhouse. Can't wait til I can put all of mine back out.

Nice job.

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Thanks, it was fun to paint. I really love going through thrift stores, you just never know what you might find. :-)

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What a fun bird feeder to display in your yard and a TS find at that. I like how you sign your name. In high school our teacher told us to find an unusual way to add our names or use our name and then a combination of letter from our first and last names, etc. I have always used CJL, but the J connects at the end of the C, almost like a very loose looped g, and then the L is opposite and connected to the J and curled just like the J....my this is getting confusing. Anyway I like your FRAN!


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Neat find! I call it "treasure shopping" now because that's always how I feel when I go take a look. ;o) I'm always looking for wooden or metal pieces that I might be able to repaint too.

Your's looks like it is made really sturdy, and I know your birdies will enjoy getting to eat at such a pretty feeder! ;o)


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Thanks so much for sharing your bird feeder you painted. Love the colors and design you painted. Great job and thanks again for sharing.


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Nice!! I never thought of staining something & then painting it! Looks great! Love the roof color, will be nice garden addition. Jan

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Thanks again ladies. I actually ended up selling that piece over the holidays to a gal in Ontario,Canada. She wanted it for her mom and was willing to pay the high cost of shipping from my little neck of the woods in WA state.

Jan, the nice thing about staining is that sometimes the stain can do shading work for you when you paint, I didn't even shade the large white flower. I just thinned my white paint and stroked it on letting the undercoat of stain show through.

Belle, I had tried other signatures using my initials, first name/last name, but they were too long, didn't look right, etc. and I wanted to sign my name with a brush not a pen. I originally didn't want to use all caps but the signature above is VERY easy to sign with a brush, all straight lines. LOL

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I love your birdhouse as much as I love shopping at TS's. ha And that's a lot!! I've cut myself off though. Promised myself I'd work my way thru at least 1/2 the things I've got stored up here from the TS to paint before I go hunting any more. I may have to have a garage sale in the spring.
I used to do my Sig more curly. Now I do it more straight lines. I make the A left leg short, right leg long and straight down. When I cross the A I extend out to make the P from the right line and the 2 number date under the A. Maybe we should just take pics of our sigs to make it easier. Hard to describe. ~Anj

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