if you could add one room.....

momcat2000July 1, 2006

if you could add one room to your home, what would it be?

I wish i had a huge mud room....anyone else?

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Great question, momcat!

I would add a huge family/sun room on the back of my home, two steps down from the rest of the house. It would have lots of french doors/full-length windows with transoms, a window seat, and brick floors.

My den is now on the back of my house, with the patio behind. There are two small "wings" on the back of my house on either side of that patio...one has our small breakfast area in the kitchen (almost too small for that use), and one has a small utility room that I hope to cut through to from my MBR, to use as a small office/sitting area.

If we added that room on the back of our house, we could make it accessible from the den, the kitchen, and that "dream" sitting area and my MBR, and the house would have incredible flow for its size. We could also make our fireplace visible from both sides, which would be nice.

Yes, you can see I have given this lots of thought. :) Now, just to find that extra bit of money to make it happen...

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We'd like to break through the wall that our two storey stone fireplace is on, and build a sunroom/office/library right off the main LR. (It's a mini-great room, as it's rather long, narrow and high ceilings.) We've got the space on the lot, but no time and less money.....

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Actually, I would add a screened-in porch.
I love sitting outside, but hate the bugs.

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I think I would add a hobby room. I can't think of another name to call it. Hubby paints and I do crafts(quilts, needle work and lots of crocheting). I have quite a large stash of threads and quilting cloth. I would love shelving from top to bottom to put all my "stashes" on in order. Hubby has tons of paint, millions of canvas....I need a hobby room!


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debn - Check out Angelcub's post on Space saving Tips. She is quite the quilter and her storage solution is to behold.

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Oddly enough, I wouldn't so much want to add a room as to reconfigure the ones we have LOL!!

We have 1300 square feet, four "rooms" on the main floor. Foyer, living room to the right of it, kitchen directly ahead and dining room to the right of the kitchen. So basically a rectangle, divided into four more-or-less equal quadrants.

Upstairs is the same story, although the staircase arrives upstairs in the middle of the house, the bathroom is to the left. Again, four more-or-less equal sized rooms.
DD's room is at the front of the house beside DH's studio/den (he's an artist who writes too LOL).
Our bedroom is at the back beside the guest room, which has a stupid little tandem room that hangs off the back of it.

I would gladly give up the guest "suite" for a family room on the main floor. Or I think I would be happy if I could have my basement finished. That, unfortunately requires more $$ than I can dream of right now, since the floor needs to be dug out and dropped first.

It really is too bad that I can't take my house apart and put it together the way I like it, like LEGO!!

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I'm with pouncermom...I would add a screened-in porch in a heartbeat.

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This is hard. The practical me wants a master bathroom with a big jetted tub and shower. The other part of me wants a sunroom with a hot tub and room for me to grow my annuals from seed. If I was going to get rich while adding the rooom, I would also want it to have a smallish but deep (6 ft) indoor pool for year-round water aerobics - warm, too!

I can see trying to sell it now - "1675sq ft 3 BR/1.5 Ba with indoor pool."

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I'm with homemaker - I have plenty of square footage but the room layouts are idiotic. I'd rather reconfigure what I have. Especially upstairs, where there are two large bedrooms and one ridiculously small one. It would be better for resale (and my irritation level LOL) to have three bedrooms of approximately equal size.

But a screen porch would be nice too. :-)

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The screen porch for me. I'd have one already if the roof was shaped differently over the patio. It slopes down instead of straight out. I'd like to extend it out also.
I'd also like to get the stuff out of my big craft/sewing room into the smaller bedroom and the smaller bedroom into the large craft room. Does that make sense? that way I could put twin beds in there so I could have an extra bed.

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Definitely a craft/hobby room that could also serve as a guest room. We use the dining table for crafts but have to put everything away when we need the table for eating or whatever.

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I would extend the second-story roof to cover the garage and put in a screened porch area there(with regular walls facing the street side, of course). Entrance to the porch would be from the master bedroom, and I can't think of a better way to wake up than by having coffee off of your bedroom porch watching all the birds in the the tops of the trees around you.... now where's that winning lottery ticket when you need one...

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Like homemaker, I would like to reconfigure my house. I would love to have an eat-in kitchen. It is currently galley style.

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I guess if I had a chance to add another room I would add a sun portch/ living room with windows all around so that I could see my garden, the seasons, and nature all throughout the year. If I had done that, then I would be able to turn my kitchen now into a bigger one, add another bathroom, and a mudroom with my washer and dryer in it. Oh how nice it is to dream!

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A guest room/office. I guess I'll get two of them once the kids move out.

I wish I could redo the ceiling in the livingroom. I hate vaulted ceilings. I know they put it in this house to make the tiny livingroom look bigger but I don't like them at all. Nothing cozy about it. If I ever get the money I'm thinking of taking out the big fan shaped window in here, putting in a more energy efficient window and lowering the ceiling to a normal height.

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I don't want an indoor room. I want a really nice enclosed garden patio with privacy, a small water feature, evergreen plants, a fan, some shade...a place to dine, a nice comfy chair to read in, outdoor speakers for my music.


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I would add a Dining Room. In a 900 square ft. house there is NOT enough room to have anymore than 2 people over for dinner!!!

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Not really a room per se, but I do wish I had a garage, even detached.

BTW, what's a "mudroom"?

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I'll second the motion for a real dining room.

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'I would add a Dining Room. In a 900 square ft. house there is NOT enough room to have anymore than 2 people over for dinner!!!'

I know what you mean! Last Christmas Eve, I had my sisters, mother, in-laws and a few cousins over. I'm glad they all at least try to love me, because those who didn't fit at the kitchen table were forced to eat in the living room in front of the t.v. Martha Stewart would've been horrified. I keep trying to tell them that I should do the summer holidays, but apparently they don't mind the winter arrangements because they keep coming for Christmas.

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a mud room is a small room sometimes located between the garage and the house or at the back door, when you can take off your boots and not have to track mud or dirt through the house. mine would have a coat closet and an area to store sports equiptment. a really nice one would have a half bath so the kids could wash up or use the john without entering the house.

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When we first had our home built, I thought it still needed something - a sunroom. For years I wanted one and came very close to having one built onto the back of the house, off the kitchen. But my DH really wanted to extend the deck across the back of the house and build a pergola. I decided to give in and now, almost a year later, I am thrilled that we didn't add on and I love the deck/pergola.

Living in So.Ca., we can enjoy it much of the year. Heck, I've even been known to hangout there when the snow is falling. And it's so much easier to take care of than an interior room.

Now I have considered knocking the wall down between my sewing room and the den/office (both previously bedrooms). ; )


Here is a link that might be useful: deck/pergola

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Diana how pretty! I can't imagine all the painting you did on all those pickets and the pergola! Do I see mountains on one side and an ocean or lake on the other? Nice views!

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I want another two car garage. This way DH could have his "barn" to store his bits and pieces and to park the cars inside of, and I could also have an artist's studio big enough to park a printing press (I am a printmaker) inside of and still have space to permanently store all my art supplies.

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I'd add a small porch off my kitchen, equip it with shelves, and use it to store all my kitchen gadgets.

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I really want an outdoor kitchen (grill, stove, fridge, the whole thing) with outdoor fireplace and an inground spa (with cascading sheet of water from a wall of rugged rocks) and maybe an outdoor shower. Okay...that's not adding one 'room' perse but that's really the only thing I really want that would make my house "perfect". :-)

I even have the whole thing planned and sketched out -- how pathetic!!!

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I would love to hang an octagonal gazebo off the living room for year-around tropical plants. It would have a brick floor, a potting bench, and some wicker furniture with big, comfy cushions.

After that I would build a new master bedroom over the garage, since that is one-story when the rest of the house is two-story. It would have a much larger bathroom than the single bath I have now, which is tiny.

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We added the rooms that we thought were neat (3 story tower), but what the house really needs is either another bathroom (only have one), or a living room that is bigger than what we have. We can fit the couch, coffee table and tv in the living room. No extra chairs, loveseats, etc.
We're big on TV and movies, but don't have the room to invite friends over to watch.

There's a stairway in the expanded part of our living room, which makes the usable part maybe 10X15 - quite cozy.

Right now my idea is to complete the castle look of the house by adding a second floor over the first. We'd planned for it to be a master bedroom/bathroom (would incorporate the 3rd bedroom anyway). Now I'm thinking maybe our living room can be on the 2nd floor....


Here is a link that might be useful: Addition

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This one's easy for me - we only have one (tiny) bathroom! Another bathroom - even a powder room - would be wonderful.

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Only one room......hmmmmmm....since it is just me in this tiny house, I would say a screened back porch, the mosquitos and flys are horrible here!

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i'd add a sunroom onto the back of my kitchen. nothing huge but enough to fit a small dinette set and maybe a comfy chair. i'm really considering it. my dad is willing to do it for the cost of materials... but i'm just not sure yet.

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Another bathroom! Could be a half bath or powder room.

A two car garage so I can pull my car in would be nice too. Our single car garage is really my DH's tool shed/workshop.

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Even though I wish the bedrooms were bigger, and wish I had a garage, a basement wins for me. I have good attic storage, but since it's not climate controlled, I can't put certain things up there. A basement would give me more storage, and a place to go when it's tornado weather!

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No doubt about it, I would add a dining room. I lust after dining rooms ;o)

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I am lusting after dining rooms with you. I would make my dining room bigger, it is too tiny to be usefull at its current size. The same size as the eating area in the kitchen, why would someone build a house with 2 eating areas, both too small to be usefull.

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Another bathroom or at least a powder room. Three people, incl. an almost teen girl sharing one bathroom is a teen girl too many!

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I don't exactly want another room, I want a greenhouse.

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#1 on my wish list is a 2 car garage with an attached greenhouse. In my dreams, this would replace our current 1 car garage with carport. The current 1 car has been driven into so many times that it's crooked, causing the car port to lean, and drainage problems to be working on rotting holes in the carport roof. We're building the finances now but the account isn't growing fast enough! (Never does!)

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A walk-up attic.

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A sunroom or screened in porch.

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Diana ~ Your home is so lovely and your pergola/deck/gardens wonderful! You and your DH are a great team. I get inspired everytime I see pictures of your place.

Bellaflora ~ It is NOT pathetic to have plans and ideas drawn out. It's part of the magic of making it come true. For years I had the 'scullery' off our kitchen in my head. Didn't quite know how it was really going to look, but the place is a reality now and I love it. We've drawn out plans on paper for years, now in DH's computer. Putting your ideas on paper where you can see them, gives you even more ideas or ways of making things better.

Since we've done some remodeling in our tiny cottage, I love it a lot more. We've still the bedroom to do and when that's done it will be so much nicer. The way it is now is there are two teeny-weeny bedrooms, one we sleep in the other is loaded with 'stuff'. We are going to take out the wall between the two giving us a larger bedroom. The stuff will go in one of the outbuildings.

I would like more room for craft stuff. We may be making DH's workshop, into a great room, which will be great for crafting/painting/computers, lots of light and high ceilings. He will move his workshop to the polebarn.

When time and $ allow we're hoping to screen off the jacuzzi area right off the back of the house, we also have an outdoor shower there and a clawfoot tub. Mosquitoes are horrible here and you have to do something to keep them from eating you alive. Got the tub for free, too big for our bathroom. I want to cement shells to the outside of the tub.

Keep your hopes and dreams alive, anything can happen to make them come true.


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a sunroom off the back of the kitchen/breakfast nook!!!

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I'd blow out 1/2 of the back of the house and add a full size kitchen. Our galley kitchen is so tiny (only 2 drawers!) and there's no room to eat in it. We have a dining room, but if/when we have kids it would end up as a bedroom. Then we could eat in the "new" kitchen with a view of the backyard. Now all I have to do is win the lottery. :(


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I'd add a 3 season room (I live in the NE) with lots of windows, a ceiling fan and wicker furniture. This room can double as a guest room if needed.

I'd also love a nice deck that is usable so that we can actually entertain outdoors.

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Here's one that hasn't been mentioned: A cold room! I have a hard time storing food in our house, especially finding cool places in the summer. Our propane fridge is quite small compared to regular fridges and we live a couple hours from town so we don't run in very often...and grocery shopping is a real pain anyway! I'd like to buy more in bulk and caselots as well as keep our own garden produce longer, but alas no room. I do have a hole dug for an outdoor root cellar though...but no extra cash (seems to be a trend here!) LOL! I'm torn between the cold room and a hobby/office room...paints + paper + projects = major clutter!


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Not a room, but want a front porch. Mine is so small am lucky if two people can stand there. Is on my mind constantly to figure out how to revamp this entry....especially since I see it constantly when heading into the house.


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I would add a dining room. Right now my living and dining areas are one medium size room. So the dining room table is jammed against a wall, and I only have room for one couch and a coffee table. When I entertain my family, which is mercifully rare, I have to rearrange all the furniture and make the dining room table hang out in the middle of the room. I push the couch to a different wall.

I do have the screened porch --- which I had built 2 summers ago --- and am most appreciative of that. Due to mosquitoes, I had been trapped inside for almost 6 months out of the year before that. The porch enlarges my sense of space.

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I want a first floor laundry room! My bones are getting too old for hiking down to the basement! LOL

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I want a bigger Master Bedroom, then perhaps use my current bedroom for another bath or split it up for a combination bath and office space.

Deb in PA

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Sandy, a porch is on our "someday list" too, to make our house look like this:

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A library or an atrium ....would be hard to choose between the two.


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I'd add an enclosed airconditioned art studio on the back of our home in the south exposure with tons of windows.

Everyone elses ideas are neat- it was fun reading all this.

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If I won a contest and won my choice of room addition, I'd choose to enlarge (somehow) my powder room into a full bathroom. I'd be a happy camper then.

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A laundry room with no question. Love to get the washer and dryer out of the kitchen!

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I would tear down the existing screen porch (flimsily built and facing a busy street) and use 1/3 of the space for a bathroom, and the other 2/3 for a library/den/office. We have no bathroom on the main floor, which is sometimes a pain.

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"A laundry room with no question. Love to get the washer and dryer out of the kitchen!"

Ditto that! These machines take up soooo much room! Blech!

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I'm glad I'm not the only one. We added a basement and are going to be moving the master bedroom down there "one" day. The old master bed is going to be a dining room... I'm so excited! :~)

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definitely a bathroom on the first floor!!!
but would depend on how much money i had.
I could easily blow out the whole back of the house for a
huge family (18x25) room with bath and laundry that would face out to our back yard, give us casual space and more storage area for our kitchen and include a fireplace and access to the 2nd floor as well as the outside.

mostly i've decided to settle for a 15x15 addition that would open the kitchen and provide space for a bath, laundry and mudroom. With our kids getting to be adults we realize that adding on a second floor for a master suite isn't necessary.

first floor bathroom, first floor laundry & mud room
and a bit more storage plus a breakfast nook would do just fine

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Pianolady: That is what I wanted also and this summer I finally put one it. It is modest (6x8 ft) attached to the house, but I just LOVE it. I hope to use it during the winter (fingers crossed!)

So now, I guess I would love an exercise room. That would be nice. We have a large garage so I hinted to my hubby we should make part of it an exercise room, if his tools were moved to the basement, and he kinda thought it was a good idea.

I am surprised to see that so many people want a sunroom/screened porch. I guess I though many people would want master baths and huge kitchens. Sometimes I forget that most people just want to relax and have simple pleasures like enjoying nature. I am right there with you! However where I live it gets cold so soon so I think I would like a sunroom rather than a screened in porch.


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Ah, Bellaflora. We're just finishing up our outdoor kitchen with sink, bbq, single burner, refrig, serving bar. We have a spa that's half in and half out of the ground. A small fountain on the wall behind the spa. Patio cover, swing, assorted chairs and a ping pong table. The only thing we don't have is an outdoor fireplace. A firepit may have to do.
It didn't cost us that much (all DIY) but we love it.
What I would like is a big deck off the back of our house. We're on a big slope so this would increase the size of our yard considerable.

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A master bedroom and a bathroom, wait that's 2 rooms.

A screened in porch would be nice, I have a covered patio that is 30 X 20, so it could be a nice year round room.

But, if allowed only one wish, an updated bathroom with a whirlpool tub. Sorry, my indulgences are showing.


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A large pantry ! How nice it would be to have drawers and shelves to stash cookie sheets and trays and seldom used big pots as well as freeing up the cabinet space in the kitchen that holds canned and other dry goods.

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Nancy in mich, if you really really want a place to start your seeds, you might consider a Harbor Freight Greenhouse - $329, $299 on sale, 6'x8', aluminum frame, 4mm twinwall polycarbonate. I got one last November and it was a delight all winter long. I overwintered annuals and tender perennials, put most houseplants out there (rotating them inside while at their peak), grew herbs and a few food crops like lettuce, cherry tomatoes and peas. Even if I wasn't gardening, it was a wonderful place to go sit on a sunny day and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the energy of green growing things in the middle of winter. I would give up my second bathroom before I'd give up that greenhouse!

I realize you're in a colder area up there in Michigan, but one of the posters in the Greenhouse forum has one in Milwaukee and is happy.


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It would be a greenhouse, just outside the kitchen (which has an outside door).

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We just sold our little house (940 sf). We did add on a 14x20 screened porch, so I had an extra refrigerator and plenty of room to entertain. A glassed-in room would've been nice, but we're in Florida so not really necessary. Best thing we did in that house--well, almost.

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I'd most want to add a real laundry room. Our washer/dryer (and kitty boxes) are at the end of the kitchen, open for all to see (I've put up a little shower curtain rod with a nice curtain to "hide" it when company is over). I'd like to have a true, closed off room, with actual storage space. We have zero space to expand our house, though, so this will never happen.

I'd also like to have a larger master bath. Ours is functional, but very, very small...when you open one of the doors, it hits the toilet. Woe to anyone happening to be sitting on the potty at the time! We're thinking about replacing the doors in that bathroom with pocket doors at some point...

And finally, we have a very large converted patio room off of our living room. We use it for parties, and for when my husband's gaming buddies come over. It doesn't have any insulation, and it's been poorly converted. Someday, we're going to redo it with real construction to make it a real family room. Can't wait for it to be a year-round usable room!

Otherwise, we love our house. It has exactly the amount of space we need.

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Now that my widowed MIL is moving in with us and I have lost our only "extra" bedroom, I would kill to have a hobby room with 1/2-bath of my very own.

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I'd like either a laundry room (b/c the Laundry Closet is akward) or a small room off the garage that specially designed for washing my dog!

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Marcia Thornley

I'd add a mudroom/laundry room on the back of my house off the kitchen. All our entrances are very small. There's just no room to take off coats, shoes etc. I'd love a transitional room with space to hang coats, store shoes and boots and house my washer and dryer on the main floor, with shelves, big windows and lots of light.

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I would love a screened room/porch where the patio is now.

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Oh boy, just about everything listed above. A first floor laundry, a family room, a second full bath upstairs, an entry hall, more closets everywhere, a kitchen pantry.

The only thing I'd like to get rid of is the neighbors.

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A bathroom to my 2/1 house. Ok, maybe a laundry room too ... and a screened porch...and a walk-in closet...and a pantry...:)

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i would like to add 2 feet in every direction to every room and then i would love some closets. what i was thinking when i purchased this house -- 1 closet! i had to be out of my mind. but i do love my house.

interesting topic :)


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I would add a big room on the first floor or a finished basement (but I have no basement) to store all my file cabinets and supply cabinets to make my home office have more room and be prettier.

If I could add two rooms, I would add a room for guests that does not have exercise equipment and prior season clothes in it.

I love this thread. I just found this particular forum before bed.

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Enjoy the forum Lynn. Think it has been quiet with holidays happening.

    Bookmark   December 18, 2006 at 6:09AM
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Thank you emagineer for the welcome. Happy Holidays!

    Bookmark   December 18, 2006 at 10:49AM
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Mise en place
I give you a link to an NPR article about the above...
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