Cream cabinets, copper and walnut counters - Thanks GW!

vermonter_2009May 16, 2010

We are almost done - just need to add a few light fixtures! GW has been a huge help - thank you all! Especially Circus Peanut for the advice and instruction of our copper countertops and Buehl for advice on our layout.

Here are some pictures taken this morning (we moved back in a week ago and still have many boxes to unpack and put away - ugh..)









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Here is an overview shot.


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Very, very nice kitchen! Love the copper counters and the oven in particular. Congratulations on a job well done and good luck with the unpacking!

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Beautiful cabs, counter, island & range. Enjoy, you have created a stunning place to cook in.

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Very nice! It's warm, inviting and well-laid out. I love the copper counters and range, too. The copper blends so nicely with the floor, island top and backsplash. And that range! Too cute! I also like the display niche above the sink. Details, please.

I'm thinking about setting my kitchen up with fridge/DW/sink line-up. I'm used to my DW having space on either side and I wonder if this set-up will feel crowded or make unloading the DW - especially putting items away in the cab above - awkward. I'd love to hear what you think. TIA!

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I love your copper and walnut countertops. The edging on the walnut is great. This is a very beautiful space.

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angel411 unique and warm. Congratulations!

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Your kitchen is delightfully elegant. Nice glow from the copper and the back splash is a good match. I am a sucker for white cabinets and yours are just beautiful. GREAT JOB!!!

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Love the warmth of the copper and the richness of the wood. Very nice!!

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Very beautiful -- the warmth of the wood counter, the copper, and the thought of the patina as you use it.

Enjoy -- you've done a marvelous job!

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Details Details!!! Who makes the range and dishwasher?

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simply beautiful!

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Wow, Wow. One wow won't do. Love those copper countertops!

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What a knock-out! And yes, please let us know what range that is - it's stunning!

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Holy Cow! (appropriate for Vermonter, no?) Absolutely FABULOUS! Enjoy many fine meals and wonderful times in your new kitchen!

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Thank you for all the kind words! Here are some of the details:

The range is made by Fratelli Onofri. It's the Royal Chiantishire model - it comes in several different colors. It was reasonably priced for a 36" dual fuel - about the same as a GE.

The walnut top is from Brooks Custom in Mount Kisco, NY.

We fabricated the copper counters ourselves with the help of GW contributor Circus Peanut.

The cabinets were made by Crown Point Cabinetry in New Hampshire (about an hour from us).

The sink is made by Whitehaus, the fridge is a Samsung, the undercabinet Xenon lights are from Pegasus Lighting, and the cook vent is a 48" model by Fantech (very quiet).

Thanks again - this site was incredibly helpful. When we started we had a totally different plan. After we posted our plans and ideas on this site, we are VERY pleased with the end result. I can't think of anything we would do differently.

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Good job and your kitchen is beautiful and unique.

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Ooooooh, very, very nice! I am loving that walnut island, and the copper counters are a huge WOW! I want that range--it is perfecto!

It all is soooo beautiful, you must be walking on a cloud! Congrats and enjoy!

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sabjimata happy for you! Crown Point cabinets are, for some advertising campaign or another of a reason, my favorite! And your countertops are amazing. Your kitchen will surely go down in GW history as a reference with those copper countertops! And your stove is really handsome. At first I thought it was a Bert. Definitely Italian, however.


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Beautiful!! Love the cabinets and your copper and walnut countertops. Wonderful detail throughout the kitchen.

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I have never seen a copper counter like that. It's really pretty! Nice job. The baskets to hold onions, potatoes, are so great. Hooray for moving back in!

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Amazing! Could you share details of fabricating your own countertops? They turned out great!

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I was going to ask if you did the copper yourself. Now you have me thinking about it.

Where are the seams in the copper?

BTW, I really do love it!!

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dianelouise, here is the thread on the copper countertops.

Here is a link that might be useful: Circus Peanut copper

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Circus Peanut

Oh goodness -- how did I miss these when you first posted, Vermonter? The Great Northeastern Copper Bar Exchange worked! :-) Here's to GW innovation and teamwork -- this forum absolutely rocks.

It really looks stellar. The backsplash and floors resonate with your copper so well, and I'm really digging the walnut contrast. I hadn't realized you were using the same faucets as I did -- mmmmmmm. You'll love the Aberdeen. And you found someone local to do the barstock bending? Was it reasonable? How do you plan to maintain/patinate yours? It's fun to play with, no?

*sigh* I swear I could cover the world with copper.

Cook in good health (and let's see more of the house)!

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I love your cabinets and your floors! What type of wood, stain and width are your beautiful floors? Thanks for sharing.

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Really fresh and the look of your stove! Have fun!

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Hi CircusPeanut! I emailed you a link this morning! Thank you so much for providing such easy to understand directions for fabricating the countertops - it took us only the weekend to do it!

We purchased the Moen Aberdeen faucet and water filter well before we decided on countertops - that was one of the easy decisions for us. Finding your thread and viewing your pictures was a nice confirmation for us - perhaps we have excellent taste?! We went with all Moen for everything, including the three bathrooms we updated (pictures to come). It just made for fewer decisions. The sink we loved at first sight. I wish we had this set up last year, when our now 18-month old could have bathed in the kitchen sink.

We found a metal shop about 30 minutes away who did a great job bending the bar stock. They charged us $175, which I thought was a little steep, since the fellow who actually did it said it was easy work (it was ready the next day).

We are treating the copper with an anything goes attitude. I can't wait to see it patina. The copper has actually mellowed over the past two weeks - I thought it looked gaudy when first installed. It resembled polished brass. Now it's beginning to get a duller, deeper, more rich and appearance. We'll eventually experiment with ketchup as a cleaning/shining agent and if they ever get green or unattractive, I'll get out the orbital sander.

The seams of the copper are where the top sheet meets the 1/4" bar stock that comprises the counter's face. After sanding, the seams are virtually invisible. The seam where the counter creates its L shape is to the left of the sink. I'll have to take a close up photo for you to see it.

Lynn2006 - about the floors, they are from Lumber Liquidators. Sapele Mahogany 5" premium plank. We went with these floors because our local dealer had them down on the showroom floor and we saw that they took a lot of abuse and held up better than many other species. They were also the closest we could find to the red, rich color we were looking for to compliment the rest of the kitchen. Colors are very hard for me, my wife is the pro there, she picked out all the tile, paint, floors, stains, cabinet colors, etc. I focused on the design and layout work.

Somone asked what the dishwasher is: it's a Bosch, I can't remember the model number. It's the least expensive DW we could find that accepted a custom panel. We bought it from our local Sears. Works great and is very quiet. In fact, we have been using the quick wash option, which does a better job than our previous Maytag (6 years old) did on full wash.

Just for fun, here is a picture of our house taken in January 2010 (MLK day). It's a mid-1800s home in a simplified Italianete style. I'll take some updated pics in the coming weeks when I complete some landscape work I've yet to tackle...
img src="">

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Love your home!

Question about patinated copper: As it ages, will it come closer in color to the walnut counter? In other words, will it read as brown? I much prefer aged, matte finishes so new copper is too shiny and (I agree) too gaudy for me to live with long term. I'm trying to figure out how well copper would work with the colors in my house (I also love red). Can I get a good approximation of color with an old penny?

I've looked at photos of your counters, circus peanut, but it's a tough call because I don't know how something I see on my monitor will translate IRL.


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Gorgeous, simply Gorgeous!

(I must have been living under a large rock the last few years as today is the first time I've read about copper as counter tops and I am in love/lust with them now!)

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Beautiful copper countertops, and it's terrific that you learned how to do this from GWer circuspeanut. Your kitchen fits your house perfectly. Has your snow melted yet? :)

(also in Vermont)

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Beautiful! I love the photos above the sink, such a nice touch. It's a great kitchen!

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Great house! And lovely kitchen. Love the range, and particularly, the island. Copper counters are magnificent, and no way to not have a great kitchen with CrownPoint! Enjoy!

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Circus Peanut

lisa_a, here's a photo of my older copper counters, with a new and an old penny, to give you an approximation. Unless you sand/polish/seal constantly, you won't have the shiny raw look for very long:

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Thanks, circus peanut! That helps a lot. I love the patina of your counters.

When I've read that copper's patina isn't consistent and that there will be variation in its appearance depending on use, location, it often is written as if that's a bad thing. I don't understand that at all, especially when one considers how popular granite is with its seemingly infinite range of natural variation.

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Really beautiful, Vermonter! I especially love the edge on your walnut island...just amazing! Congratulations!


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Such a perfect pairing of kitchen to house. Both so cozy and exquisite. Great choices. Beautiful job. Bravo!

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lovvvvvvving it!!! congratulations and enjoy!

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What fantech motor did you install an did you install the silencer?

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Thanks again for all the kind words!

We installed the Fantech FKD8XL Inline Fan with the LD8 Silencer. The silencer is installed directly to the hood liner (inside the wood hood) and then the duct rises and elbows to the left where it meets the fan and vents out the side of the house.

To service the fan, we will either have to pull off the hood panel (it is clipped on, but the crown molding will need to get re-caulked once the panel is returned to place), or we are considering an access panel in the floor above the fan unit.

Ideally, the silencer and fan itself would be located in an attic and vent out the top of the house. At least that would be the easiest for servicing.

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Just when I'd come to terms with not having a White Kitchen (DH just would not agree!) I see your beautiful kitchen...sigh! You have balance the crispness of creamy white cabinets with the warmth of beautiful walnut and copper so beautifully. Your stove is to die for! What a charming house you have. Enjoy, Great Job!

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Vermonter_2009, I love the Sapele Mahogany 5" premium plank floors better than my 5" wide Brazilian Cherry on my monitor. I also love the copper counters now that I am looking at the overall kitchen. You truly have a gorgeous kitchen that is not only beautiful but set up so well to cook in.

Thank you for sharing.

I am truly thinking with my Brazilian Cherry floors now downstairs, I want to go with white kitchen cabinets to keep the kitchen bright and happy. I have not chosen the kitchen floors yet but due to the sliding door that goes out to the back yard that my little dogs go in and out of, I was leaning towards tile but now I am having second doubts and wonder if wood would be nice to match the other room if I put a small carpet in front of the door and sink.

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Your kitchen is not just beautiful, it's downright adorable! Although I'm loving it all, I'm especially admiring those fabulous copper counters and the Crown Point cabs which always make me drool. I'm also loving the range and the photo nook above the sink. A wonderful kitchen for a wonderful red house in Vermont. Congratulations and enjoy!

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Your kitchen is fantastic! Great layout ;-)

Like others, I think the copper counters, walnut counter, floors, cabinets, and everything else go wonderfully well together! One thing that really drew my eye is the shelving above the's a great way to handle that space!

Now go have some fun working (playing!) in that kitchen!

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Does anyone have a recommendation regarding sconces over the island for us? We were thinking something in oil rubbed bronze to match our faucet and pulls. Honestly, we are burnt out with all the decision making the remodel involved. The only easy decision I have when I get home is popping a bottle of wine.

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Dear Vermonter 2009, I keep coming back to your kitchen -- love it! I hope that you and your family are continuing to enjoy it in your charming Vermont farmhouse.

I have a question about your Crown Point cabinets: what color paint did you pick? Is it one of the Farrow and Ball colors? Are you still happy with your cabinets six months later? Is there anything you wish you had done differently re the cabinets? We are considering a white/cream painted inset "Newport" style cabinet. All advice and suggestions are welcome.

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