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pezabelleJanuary 15, 2011

I work a lot of puzzles and have rarely found a puzzle I would like to frame, but I found a great puzzle painted by Lynn Lupetti titled Breath of Life. It is beautiful! This artist is awesome! She is in the Smithsonian! I couldn't even find a copy of the painting.

My problem is....I have seen puzzles framed and they still look like puzzle with all of the indentations between the pieces. I like this picture well enough that I think I could live with that, but if there is something out there that would fill and smooth the surface without destroying the surface I sure would like to know about it...so anyone have any ideas or knowledge on what to use?

Thank in advance!


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Is this the painting? I think it would be easier to just buy the print at ArtPrints. I can't imagine being able to fill in the space without messing up the print. But I don't know, I have never seen it done. Good luck with it, if this is the painting, it is beautiful.

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Belle, I've seen alot framed and you can see all the lines. If the one B showed is what you have it's beautiful and I can see why you would like it framed. Maybe you can go to ArtPrints and find the print. Good Luck.


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Belle - My daughter and I are jigsaw puzzle fanatics and have 'glued' puzzles with ModPodge but you can still see the lines and indentations. The puzzle needs to be put on newspaper or a piece of poster board because the ModPodge seeps in between the pieces and sticks parts of the puzzle to whatever it's sitting on when you glue it. We put several coats on top letting each one dry completely. Sometimes if you put the coats on really thick or after several coats the finish becomes a little cloudy. After the front is done to your liking you can flip it over and peel off as much of the newspaper or poster board as you can and then put a couple coats of ModPodge on the back side too. Takes a bit of time and like I said you can still see the lines and indentations plus the pieces aren't always flush with the ones next to them so it may end up kind of bumpy. I read someplace that you can water down white craft glue (like Elmer's) and use it the same way. A fairly easy and fun way to preserve the puzzle plus have inexpensive artwork if you want to give it a try. Good luck!

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Thanks everyone! I did a google search before posting here and came up with nothing!!!! Going over to check out the ArtsPrints......thanks!

And yes, this is the painting. I hope the print is as large as the puzzle, but then if it's a print they can decrease or enlarge anything.

Again, TY

About 30 minutes later: I did the search's and checked out Artprints and unless I win the lottery....my buying a print at $960.00 isn't going to happen soon. It was a good dream while it lasted.



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Belle, here's a link to "puzzle glue". If you do a Google search, there are lots of options to check out. Good luck on your puzzle. ;o) Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Puzzle glue

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Here's another site you should probably take a look at.

Here is a link that might be useful: Puzzle glue and accessories

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Thank you all for the information. After looking at the puzzle for several day I decided to put it back in the box and add it to the other 3 puzzles I work at different times of the year. When it's puzzling attraction wears off I will pass it on.

Would still like to have a print....but think of how many books and brushes that many bucks can buy.


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So True Belle...The ball is in your hands for sure. I don't have near the wants I use to. After losing DM I have realized that her things are so precious and have my walls covered with most of her things. She was never one for real expensive things in her home but I still love everything I have. She drove them and wore the expensive things.lol

I have more fun going to ys and finding good deals than shopping at the mall. Years ago you couldn't of paid me enough to stop at a yard sale. My how we change thru the years.

I'm surprised you put that puzzle away tho. I've posted a few more tables over on the Holiday forum if your browsing and want to take a look.


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