Cabinet Re-do Plunge..Scared, Help

legacybuilder2May 23, 2013

I'm taking the plunge this summer and re-doing my kitchen cabinets; they are sooooo outdated and ugly. I'm just struggling with what color to paint the cabinets. I can't afford to redo the counter top yet so it will stay.

What do you suggest?

I'd like a more modern feel in my kitchen.The doors look dated with those dark lines and I want to cover that up. I was thinking of this type of door using bead board and then trimming it out. Does that look outdated too? I'm trying to avoid having to use wood filler in all these grooves. :) Any other recommendations?

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Oh, I'm not much help because I actually REALLY like your cabinets. I would start by taking off the wallpaper border and replacing the hardware. Then pick a complementary wall color and a new light fixture.
If your cabinets are very yellow, maybe you can put a gel stain on them to remove some of the yellow.
Also, look into having glass inserts in some of the uppers.

pine cabinets

Check out IKEA Fagerland.

I just think that a paint job is alot of work and it's hard to achieve a professional job.

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA Fagerland pine kitchen

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I think a lighter counter top would look nice with the existing backsplash.

+1 nosoccormom

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Paint will do wonders. Get rid of the old hardware, especially the huge hinges, prep well (there are numerous how-to's here on GW), and paint a soft creamy white. You will need a good wood filler for the old hardware holes. I wouldn't fill the grooves - they will look totally different when painted and updated with new hardware. After all, the beadboard has grooves also.
Painting cabinets can be a lot of work, but a DIY job can look professional IF YOU DO THE PROPER PREP WORK AND USE THE RIGHT MATERIALS.

Remove the border, new lights, and new wall paint.

Go for a modified country/cottage look.

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what I would do:1. leave the sink and stove side as is except for paper removal and paint and perhaps new faucet with loads of character. 2.Remove soffitt on fridge side, from the right of fridge to the end of counter run at far left. 3 look into recessing fridge behind studs a few inches 4. reconfigure the fridge wall with side panels for fridge and all new cabinets with a "hutch" feel including glass doors/up to ceiling/custom finish/perhaps a painted color/furniture feet/etc. At a later time go back to sink and stove area and do something if you wish...with the painted /stand alone treatment around fridge you'll find many things will blend with will have two finishes in the kitchen....and while thinking about it you also will have two finishes and the "old" pine won't seem so bothersome because of the custom treatment of the fridge wall which will look tremendously improved and be the visual focus until you are ready to do the other side.I wouldn't rule out replacing the fridge itself-is it nearing that time?-the new model can be part of what you undertake for that side! [You can easily sell the cabs you remove on fridge wall on Craig's list I bet]

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also think about slipping in a 15-18 wide tall pantry cabinet to the right of fridge while you are at it.Your kitchen could probably benefit from it, although not critical.

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I agree. I would actually keep the cabinets, change the hardware, get rid of the wallpaper and switch out the countertops.

You could paint the cabinets (which might be tricky with all those knotholes, which absorb paint at a different speed than the rest of the wood). You could also just get new doors...but I suspect that might be out of budget.

Any thoughts on flip flopping and doing the countertops instead? I think that and the wallpaper is what is really dating the kitchen, IMHO.

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I can't believe so many of you like the cabinets as is! I guess since I recently painted the wood trim in another room that was an awesome transformation, it makes these cabinets look blah now. I'm trying to go a little more contemporary with the house and these cabinets scream country to me.

I tried changing out hardware, but that thing to the left of the hinges is nailed into the door and when you pull it off that is an outline of the actual "thing" indented in the wood. Thus the reason for the whole paint saga, otherwise I would have changed hardware a long time ago.

I had considered just buying all new doors so I might have to go back to that idea.

Herbflavor I love the idea of the custom hutch feel but I am a novice at home reno. To think of getting my DH to cut a stud, oh geez I have thought of my entire house falling down around us.

I would love to have all new counter tops but that would mean I'd have to get rid of the backsplash too. That was my DH first DIY project = disaster. I had a huge hole in my wall behind the stove where he couldn't get the tiles off without ripping drywall. We had to pay someone to put what you see there now.

I never even thought about the wallpaper and painting the walls. This is why I love you all. :) What would you recommend for the walls?

Here is a pic of the entry way that leads to the kitchen. This is our most recent DIY completion.

Here's the other side of my kitchen. I want to get rid of that high table since I have little kiddos now and we usually eat in the dining room. I wanted to do something different, like more cabinets on that far wall. DH had the idea of doing away with table and doing a penisula by the dishwasher. I'm not sure if that is possible with the window right there, it might be too low.

Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

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You have a nice kitchen! My vote would be new doors. Take down the border and paint the walls.
What a nice job on the entry.

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You have a nice kitchen! My vote would be new doors. Take down the border and paint the walls.
What a nice job on the entry.

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Thanks Ellendi. That entry was my first DIY project.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Late chiming in, but since you mentioned getting rid of the table in favor of a peninsula, have you considered a banquette/window seat with a dining-height table? That would be a nice feature to view from the entry. You could use colors from the tile, and kitchen and entry walls, for fabrics to tie everything together. And window seats can provide storage.

BTW, great job on the entry! I love those colors, but you seem to have taken it in a more cottage, than modern, style. I would agree with tuesday's advice, above-- leave the grooves on the doors, and paint the cabinets an off-white/cream (maybe try to match the light tile in the backsplash). I'd also paint the door to the right of the fridge. That will give you more options for wall color.

I had the cream color that I used on my cabinets mixed in satin for the walls, and put color on the ceiling.

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If the hardware created indentations, how would you deal with that when painting? Would whatever filler actually stick to the doors?

Below is a link about refreshing a knotty pine kitchen. I like the idea of removing some of the doors.

How about green or blue for the wall?

Here is a link that might be useful: reviving knotty pine kitchen

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I saw your entry and was really impressed - just hadn't associated it with this kitchen. Now I can really see the transformation you can make with painted cabinets:).

Bummer about the indentions in the doors from the hardware :(. It seems a shame to have to replace the doors because of that - I still want to see them white:)
Has anyone ever seen the hardware painted white with the doors??

I think your counter and backsplash are fine.

After seeing your eating area, I have to agree with mama goose - a window seat and banquette will look awesom there - great for kids.

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I actually think the cabinets are the least ugly part of the combination. The greenish brown tiles on the counter are dismal at best, and do terrible things to the wood tones in those cabinets.

The previous owner seems to have addressed walls countertops and cabinets as if they were three different things that didn't have to relate to each other in the slightest. This is what happens with so many partial updates. The latest and greatest is selected with no consideration as to what it does to what's already there.

I would removed the borders and paint the walls and change the countertop and leave the cabinets, strap hinges and all.

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It doesn't sound like removing the backsplash is an option.

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The budget is limited, but I would allot the money planned for the new hardware, possibly doors, and cabinet paint for removing the backsplash and repairing or replacing the drywall in that area first.

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Thanks for all the compliments! We surprised ourselves how good it turned out. :)

I do like the creamy white idea for the cabinets since the counter top is soooo dark, but I have a question. How will that work with the trim in the kitchen and the entryway so bright white? I've been told or thought that your trim must be the same throughout the house. Is that true?

Mama Goose I love the banquette idea! I'm so new at this I don't even know what my taste guess I thought my idea of the black and white was more modern. I just don't want country. Everyone in my family has a country style house (they live on farms literally).

Nosoccermom--My thought was to use wood filler, but I haven't done research if it will work or not. I was going to just cover the whole from with beadboard and trim it out to not have to deal with it at all.

I would have never thought of blue for the kitchen. A lighter or medium tone? I do have a sage green color already in my living room. I get so nervous with paint. It's okay to have every room in your house painted a different color?

Thanks so much for your input, it gives me courage!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

In my quirky world, trim does not need to be consistent throughout the whole house. But, I used the same color on my cabinets, trim, soffits, and walls, in both kitchen and dining room. I have a variety of trim styles, so I wanted it all to blend, not contrast.

If you don't know what your taste is, yet, do searches on all the different styles--cottage kitchens, contemporary kitchens, etc., on google images, and also on houzz. You can also search the Finished Kitchens Blog, for GW member's kitchens. Hookedonhouses is another blog that has a lot of kitchen pics. Pretty soon you'll be as TKO (totally kitchen obsessed) as the rest of us. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: google search--do cabinets and trim need to match?

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Does looking at 12K pics on Houzz last night classify me as obsessed yet?! I was up until 2a and woke up at 6a back at it again.

Things I do know now:

--creamy white cabinets
--paint soffit same color as cabinets and put crown molding on soffit for the illusion of extended cabinets.
--Banquette seating under window

Things I do not know:
--Have some open cabinets vice glass doors (pic below). Already have white dishware and clear glassware I use everyday and would save $$ on doors. I think I would go with the corner cabinet because it goes all the way back and I can't get to items back there easily.
--Should I make the banquette seating wrap around the wall? Not all the way maybe halfway. We always have people over and this would give more seating.
--The soffit extends over the pantry door. Will it look odd to have that painted same color as cabinets & crown molding? Should I make pantry doors look like cabinet doors?
--Wall color

My soffit is not flush with the cabinets.

Contemporary Kitchen by Saskatoon Kitchen And Bath Superior Cabinets

Love this open cabinetry.

Traditional Kitchen by Chicago Interior Designer jamesthomas, LLC

I like the leather seat cushion so I can wipe it off with two little ones and then fabric for the pillows.

Traditional Kitchen by Saint Paul General Contractor Home Tailors Building & Remodeling

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These are MDF cabinet doors ( Mission style) that I painted,slightly distressed and glazed myself.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Except for flooring, my kitchen has been finished for 2ý years, and I still love looking at vintage/cottage kitchen pics! There is no cure for TKO--a finished kitchen just soothes the itch. ;)

Below is a thread on window seat banquettes and nooks, and you can find more by searching google:
gardenweb kitchen banquettes

If floor space is tight, a corner seat would leave more room--less space needed for chairs to pull out. I think I posted on a recent thread, but can't recall which one, that banquettes and nooks are great to corral kids during a meal, but I think an adult would feel hemmed in, especially if one had to ask someone else to move, to allow him out. Also, a pedestal or trestle table allows easier access. Sometimes I use a small drop-leaf that is the perfect size, and leaves enough room for sliding in, without tangling with the table legs.

Edited to remove broken link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ode to Banquettes and Kitchen Nooks

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