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marti8aJuly 28, 2011

I tried posting a comment to your blog and it won't post. You said you bought some gulf frits larve. Did they survive?

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Hi Marti. I don't think I have a blog? Email me and let me know what you used as a URL, and I'll see about it.

I bought 4 Gulf frits, and 1 coccoon. I put the little chompers on the passion vines, and they started eating away. I got the big ones, and they were ready to go larval on me, so in about 2 days they flat disappeared. I could not tell you what they attached to, even though I knew what the coccoon was supposed to look like. They just disappear.

And the little butterfly hatched out quite nicely in a plastic container I had in the house. They have to have enough room to climb up on something and spread their wings so they will dry nicely. Well, it took about a week for this to happen, and then I took him/her outdoors and put him on a flower in the sunshine. In a second or two, the butterfly took off and was a fast flyer to parts unknown.

There is a virus I think it is which decimated the native population of Gulf fritillaries and they are not often seen these days. Once they were very widely distributed.

When the places send these to you, the government does not let them ship to any states where they are not already located. Like I ordered from Florida, which was okay since I was in Alabama. And they were shipped overnight and got here next morning.

You can also order host plants, food plants, nectar plants, and also butterfly eggs. I think there are several such businesses around the country if you are interested.

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