Wow! Smaller Homes....

willie_nunezJuly 9, 2006

Thank you, thank you.

I just found out about this new forum. We're in the final stages of our owner/builder project. We designed it ourselves, with emphasis on a shot at the perfect retirement house, for our lifestyle and for our tastes. It's got 1,720 sq ft of heated/cooled, BUT with a large rear-attached garage, all one floor, and with a parking pad in the backyard for our big motorhome (with full hook-ups).

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Hi willie_nunez; it is nice to see you here!

This is a very nice forum, and a great group of people. It will be nice to talk with you more, and I hope you'll share photos of your home when you are ready!


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Sure, I'll post a few photos as soon as we move in and start cleaning up a bit. There's still a lot of unfinished items, but we plan to start moving in this week. We'll park the motorhome there and sleep in it while we do the rest of the work.

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Congratulations on finishing it Willie, I remember you from lurking over at Building a Home. You showed us pictures of your gate down by the road right?

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A gate down by the road? That wasn't me.
We could've bought land out in the country (Texas Hill Country). But, we decided we wanted all the conveniences of town, and just use the motorhome for going to the lake(s), of both worlds.
However, we needed a relatively large lot, even though we were going to build a small house. A backyard large enough for a proper parking pad for our motorhome, a large rear-attached garage(for the bassboat and shop area), and a space for a vegetable garden, made it hard to find a suitable city lot. Oh yeah, we did not want into a HOA neighborhood.
And, we're not quite finished yet, but we'll move in anyway, and finish the rest while living there.

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Hi Willie!

I remember a lot of your posts, and also that you originally had hoped to move in by Christmas. Glad you'll be able to move in soon, and I look forward to seeing the finished home!

We FINALLY are going to start our new home in August, and have learned a lot from your posts on the Building a Home forum and BAHRR.


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Hi Willie I am thinking of someone else in the southwest then. I know your house was to be modest, but comfortable. You did all the work your could yourself, or at least GC'd it yourself right? I can't wait to see pictures.

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Hi Willie I'm RaNae brand new to Small Homes but have been on Home Decorating for about 4 months.
I look forward to seeing your new place it sounds great.

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