Painting hearts

paintingfoolJanuary 29, 2011

Do you remember rocking your babies to sleep or how calming it was to rock them when they were not feeling well. My babies would put their little heads in the nape of my neck and their other hand would wrap around my neck and grab my hair to hold on (yes, sometimes it hurt). I am a rocker - I even rock myself when in bed - I know, how is that possible? Well, whether I am on my back or tummy, my feet rock back and forth until I fall asleep. I love the sensation of movement although my hubby says it makes him seasick. Anyway, I have several hearts in my stash that I am trying to paint up. I found this design in an old Brenda Stewart book and thought it would be perfect for this heart. Of course, I took Artistic License and painted it my way, it was still a great inspiration piece. Thought you would like to see it.


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B, that is so sweet and perfect with Valentine's Day coming up. I love it when a little one wants up and lays their head on me and wants to cuddle. Funy you are a Rocker till the end of each day. We know you Rock at painting during the day so why not end each day Rockin'!

TFS, Punk

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That is lovely. You are so talented. I love it. I also was a rocker. My youngest daughter is 44 (yesterday) but when she was maybe 9 or 10 and didn't feel well, she wanted mom to rock her. It's soothing for mother and child. Thank you for sharing. - Marylee

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I love that design on the heart, it is so delicate and sweet. Would be a lovely Mother's Day gift too.

Punk is right, you "rock" at painting for sure. I love how you do those small delicate things so perfectly.


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Bebe...Beautiful! So well balanced in both color and content. I still have my DGM rocking chair, which was "my" chair at home. I rocked both of my kids and my DD did as well. Just something so peaceful when you rock a child.

Thank you for sharing!


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