Painted Stacking Boxes - Pic

kraftymomJanuary 9, 2009

I'm living up to my New Year's resolution which is to 'paint more'. Just finishing these 3 stacking boxes that were designed by Susan Kelley of Tole Town.

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Your boxes turned out so cute. What do you plan on doing with them? Do you farm or are you into sheep? I like the colors on these boxes. Susan Kelley has some great projects. I have a couple of her books and have enjoyed them.

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Those turned out so cute! I really love the one with the house and sheep, but they are all cute. Good job! Sure glad you made that resolution. Luvs

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I don't farm, and I'm not into sheep (even though I do find sheep fun to paint), LOL, but I do like some FolkArt. I enjoy painting boxes because boxes are useful. I will probably use these as gift boxes to hold something else for friends and co-workers.
At this time though, I do have someone interested in buying the set from me so I'll see what transpires.

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Very primlicious Kraftymom! I love them! So glad you got to paint them and share them here. Did you paint the sides of the boxes too?
I love Susan's site...Puddles of Paint. She has some cute patterns. ~Anj

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I did paint the sides and I'll show a pic when they are done.

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So pretty, what are the boxes made of? Love the little house.

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I like your boxes...especially the pear. All three are well done!

I have some oval boxes and just can't pin down what I want on them, ah! someday!

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Your boxes are very cute. They look well done. You make me determined to find more time to paint! Nice that you have someone who wants them. I can never decide what to do with my stuff after I paint it, so it gets stored away. (Then by Christmas time I've forgotten where it is!) Have to get more organized, I guess.

I haven't seen these patterns, but they look great for country decor.

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They are papier mache. I have so many surfaces to paint and not enough time. LOL I've been saying for years I'll paint enough to do a local craft fair again but it never happens. I've also considered selling on Etsy which could be another way to go.

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Colorcrazy, you sound allot like me about the stashing things away and then forgetting about them. I'm trying to use one bin in my garage for items I may want to use as a gift--but invariably I will paint something that is too big to fit in the bin, then it gets stashed somewhere else!

Kraftymom, where do you store your surfaces until you are ready to paint them? Storage is always an issue for me, especially since I like to buy wooden and metal trays, candleholders, smooth jars, boxes, pavers, etc. that I think would be fun to paint on. Right now, most are stored on a shelving unit in my storage shed. If I put them in boxes or bins, I tend to forget that I have them--anyone else have that problem? I also have a bin of cutouts that I've never gotten around to painting. When I first starting cutting my own wood, I enjoyed it so much that I sort of got carried away! LOL Some I'm not really interested in anymore but hate to just toss them or burn them in the firepit--but if I donate them to a TS, no one would have the pattern for them. What do you all do with "extras" like that?


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I use open shelves, and I don't just store things ON them but hang things FROM them. I use the walls, and use storage boxes with lids that are clearly labeled so I know what's in them. I use every available space because my space is very limited.
One thing I find useful for storing ornaments until I am ready to paint them are mug trees. The top shelf of one of my shelf units has a few mug trees that are full of hanging Christmas ornaments just waiting to be painted. They are always out in the open for me to see.

As embarassing as it is, I'll just show you how I store my surfaces (if you can call it that). Look at your own risk! LOL And remember this is just a partial view of what I have. It's really quite scary.

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Oh my Kraftymom, looks like we might expect lots of neat painted items from you this year. You do have lots more waiting for you than I do, hope you will have lots of fun coming up with designs for each thing. ;o) Luvs

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WoW! Krafty.... lots of projects! Couldn't believe my eyes..but I think we have the same shelf unit. It's the one in the first picture. Mine is a 2 piece unit and I use dowels in the screw holes (front to back) to help keep things from falling out.

It looks like we all have the same problem, storage space. With our "home removed" I lost most of my space and I miss it!

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Thank you so much for sharing your pics. Now I don't feel so bad about my stash! ha Although I would like to rummage thru your wood pieces. ha I see so many fun things.
My painting area is a small room that I use as my office so really no storage to speak of at all. One antique dresser with an antique shelf on top and I paint on a folding table. My DH asked me to box up all but a few of my things at a time and put the rest in the it's in the garage. I hate it cause I can't see my stuff so I can't "feel" when it's the right time to paint something. You know how something calls you and says "Paint me NOW". Mine are too far away to call me. ha I'm on the lookout the next time I'm in Lowe's to find a big cabinet with doors so I can bring some of it back in, but it will be hidden from DH. ha ~Anj

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"Mine is a 2 piece unit and I use dowels in the screw holes (front to back) to help keep things from falling out."

That's too funny because if you look at the first pic, there are ornaments and small plaques hanging off the front of the shelf. They are hanging on pieces of dowels I put into the screw holes! LOL

I also have a 2 piece shelf unit that looks like the shelf in the first pic next to my table. It holds more wood pieces, tools, and scrapbooking papers.

The best part of all that mess? I find the majority of all of my surfaces for pennies at thrift stores and clearance bins. There's nothing like a good treasure hunt. :-)

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Forgot I hadn't come back to respond again. Your craft shelves are to full, better share with all of us. haha Looks like alot of fun ahead. I to like to pickup things when they are a good price but most of my wood cutouts are done by DH.

It's hard to be to organized and have ideas jump out at ya. What would we do without crafting? I'll take a picture of my craft room one of these days and share but I have alot of dresser space so I'm always opening drawers to see the goodies I've forgotten about. he he

So happy to have you here posting with us. Punk

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Love the boxes! You paint Beautiful!

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