Gotta love NC's PBS!

Jill_NCJanuary 6, 2002

On Saturdays I used to watch a show called Paint, Paint, Paint. Sometimes they'd have segments that I could relate to---easy stuff like stencilling, and occasinally they'd have one-stroke painting. Well, last week they said that Paint, Paint, Paint was moving to a new time. Guess what replaced it?? Donna Dewberry's OSP show! It was great. I can't wait to order one of her kits, but even though I haven't started yet, it's still fascinating to watch.

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We are also lucky to have 2 PBS stations in my area
that carry a variety of shows by painting artists. We also get Dewberry (on both stations), Susan Scheewee, and Helen Van Wyk to name a few. We also get Paint! Paint! Paint! and I really have enjoyed the faux finishes they do on that show. As far as I'm concerned there can't be enough shows on painting. There's always something new to learn.

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Jill & Kraftymom----you guys are REALLLLLLY lucky. My PBS station is owned by a religious concern (won't mention which) but we spend a LOT of time on that subject & NONE on decorative painting shows and maybe one on sewing or quilting. We are lucky to still get This Old House! They have even cut most of the cooking shows! Writing them & requesting changes to newer programs is useless. Please write your PBS stations & tell them how much it means to you to have these painting shows available to you. Your much less fortunate friend....sammytx!

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