Hand painted tiles (pics)

sweets98January 16, 2007

I don't post over here often but I wanted to show you what I worked on last week :)

My BIL and SIL bought a new house last week. SIL wanted a

Tuscan theme and got some ideas from HGTV. One of the ideas was to attach tiles to the backsplash. She was going to attempt to it the way they suggested but I told her to send me the photos of her ideas and we'd see what I could paint up. She found some photos of the olives, garlic, grapes and peppers and I went to work doing my own version. I also added two scroll designs in because wrought iron items are found often in this theme. The fleur de leis was what I THOUGHT I kept seeing but it was really the Lily of Florence and it just required some adjustments to the fleur de leis and that was done! I forgot to take a picture, though.

I also did a pear and tomato tile but I didn't take pictures :( Maybe I'll get all of them when they are up on the wall!

They had to look rustic she said so I rubbed the tiles with gel stain and speckled with brown and black paint. The pictures really don't do them justice!

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Wow sweets~ those look terrific. I've wanted to do that on some leftover tile that we have to use as trivets, but haven't gotten around to it. Your SIL is going to love her backspash. For sure, take a pic when they are all in place and post it for us to see.

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Excellent painting on the tiles. Yes, your SIL is going to love the backsplash, I agree.


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Those look so nice. I've seen them do that on HGTV, but never knew anyone who had done it themselves. That is so great because you can get exactly what you want, and what a great way to add some color and life to a room. Luvs

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I'm not happy today :(. SIL hung the tiles and they look awesome but I just found out from another SIL that those tiles are the only thing my BIL and SIL are admitting I helped with. I did more work in their kitchen than they did because they were constantly taking cigarette and coffee breaks. They claimed they did all the wall scraping, painting, scrubbing, etc themselves and seemed to forget they had a third person helping! I'm livid! Those tiles will be the last thing they get from me!

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Ahhh, Sweets! I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better. But be careful, perhaps your other SIL who told you that is a little jealous and exagerating a bit. That happens sometimes too you know.

Or maybe the other two are just so proud of how wonderful the kitchen came out that they are a little "puffed" up with themselves right now--I am sure it exceeded their expectations when those beautiful tiles you painted were added.

You KNOW you pitched in and really helped them and they KNOW it too--next time you are over, you might have to say "WE three sure did a great job redoing this kitchen, didn't WE?" No way they can deny it then. I know it really hurts when you feel slighted--you do such beautiful work, and they were so lucky to have all your help.


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Sweets, your tiles are gorgegous! Try not to let SIL comments bother you, sometimes people do this when secretly wishing they had been the one to help out! I have a young granddaughter who is like this, she seems to take great pleasure in stirring things up! Poor darlings just don't get it...we do and help out of love!

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That really bites Sweets. I'm sure you didn't do the work for them to get praise, but it is nice to be appreciated. I used to work for a glory hog and it's no fun. I imagine even worse when it's family. Hopefully it is just a misunderstanding and SIL took it the wrong way. Anyhow, you did a wonderful job on those tiles so you have the satisfaction of knowing what a superior talent you have. :) ~Anj

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