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sandkatJanuary 14, 2002

I got a book with a project in it that I fell in love with, but I can't find even a similar 4-bin cabinet like the one in the book. I tried to contact the source (Steph's Folk Art Studio in PA)listed in the book by email twice, but have gotten no reply. I'm hoping that someone here will take a look at the cabinet that I want, and if they see it in their search for surfaces, let me know.

I have already checked Artistclub, sechtem's, robinson's, and every other site that came back in my search engine selling wood surfaces.

I have the link for the picture of the finished cabinet below; I want an unfinished one, though.



Here is a link that might be useful: 4-bin cabinet

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I saw some cabinets-unfinished-at Lowe's that had doors similar to those but I don't know if there was a 4 door one. These were both floor and wall cabinets and I know they had some 2 door ones (maybe buy 2),because I bought a 2-door one. However, they were NOT bins---Anyway you might try looking at other places like that-Menards-Home Depot...

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take the pic to any person who does cabinets or finish work and I bet they could buid you one out of pine to look just like that one. or you might take the pic to lowes and I'm sure they could tell you someone that could do it.

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Also High School woodshop classes can do this for you too. My Hubby is a woodshop teacher and has his advanced students make items like these. They usually charge a nominal fee above the wood cost but much cheaper than a hobby or craft store would charge. Just take in the pic and talk to them after school.

Paint Drop Hugs!

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