Faux stained glass project

oddieJanuary 24, 2008

This is what I was asking the ? about extenders for, had done a small one years ago, and always wanted to try it on a window, of course I got in a hurry and the green gluepaint must not have been dried because it ran when I glued on the tissue paper! thought I would show you anyway, going to redo it when I get the paint extender, the glue paint might be okay for small things but I am not to happy with it, the extender keeps the color, but lets you blend in different shades, the glues drys to the middle and carries the color with it.

Close up

I love the look of the tissue paper on the back, had this project to that point, useing the extender and messed it up!

anyway what do you think of the idea?


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Oddie, I think you did a wonderful on your faux stained glass. I would love to know specifics on mixing the glue and paints. I've heard about it, but never done it myself although I have used Gallery Glass.

I take it since you said the green paint ran when you glued the tissue paper on that you do the painting on the back of the glass? What if you paint on the front of the glass and glue the tissue to the back? What kind of tissue paper did you use and how did you get the details in it?

Gotta know more! ;~)

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Yes I agree with Sandi, please tell us more, Oddie, it's very pretty and I really like the texture that the tissue paper provides...
details please, girlfriend!
Suzan J

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Thank you, should have said I had forgotton the right steps, this is how I ment to do it, mark pattern on back of glass, useing a paint pen, let dry, mix glue with a little water so its thin enough to paint with, add food coloring a few drops at a time till you get the color you like, you can add more as you are painting, dont over mix the color, add more water as the paint thickens, paint on the same side as you marked your pattern let dry laying flat, I did three coats letting each dry between coats , dry overnight the longer the better (Thats how I messed this up ) mix glue with water to thin so its easy to spread, go over the whole glass, on the painted side, with a very soft brush, be carefull when going over the painted parts, have a peice of regular tissue paper ready that you have crushed up in your hands, the more you crush the paper the better it will look, thats how you get the texture, open paper up and carefully start at one side of the window and lay the paper pressing lightly with your finger tips as you go, dont raise the paper back up as it will pull the paint,and tear the paper, mix up more glue and dap on another coat on top of the tissue paper, be carefull as the paper will tear so easy, only dap on the glue useing a full brush full, lay flat till dry.
if I was useing the paint extender with craft paints, I would spray on a sealer frist before adding the tissue paper, I do all the steps on one side so the other can be cleaned. on the one pictured I did the paint pattern on the other side, fliped it over and started painting LOL!

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Oddie, Thank you for explaining the process for us. I like the fact that everything is done on the back to allow cleaning the front of the glass. Which do you prefer...acrylic paints w/ extender or the glue & food coloring?

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Your window looks really pretty Oddie. I like that background too, the crumpled tissue gives it a nice look. Sure sounds kind of hard though--and like it would be easy to mess it up. Not sure I'd have the patience, so really admire all the work you did. Luvs

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It's beautiful Oddie. I'd be sooo upset to get that far and have it mess up! I hope you can get it fixed. It does seem like a fun project. I like the look the tissue paper gives it. You are so multi-talented. Thanks for sharing! ~Anj

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Sandi, you are welcome! I perfer the look of useing the extender and arylic, when I do this over that is how I will do it, would have to use a sealer that is not waterbase atleast over the painted parts, not sure what else you would use the extender for, but it makes beautiful stained glass, and you can use your paints and have any color, pretty cheap for a small bottle.
Thanks luvs and anjabee, yes it doses take alot of work and many chances to mess up, but all you have to do is lay a warm soapy towel over it and it does all come off, even the tissue paper!
Thanks agine

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Oddie, I'm really sorry that your project messed up. It is still very pretty though. Please post another pic when you've redone it. And I'm glad that you mentioned that you need to use a non-waterbase sealer over the paint or I wouldn't have known. I already have the acrylic paints and I went and bought a bottle of extender this morning. The lady at the craft store told me that extender slows down the paint drying time to give you more time to work with it. I have 2 window painting projects already started that I hope to finish this weekend and hopefully then I can do a window with the stained glass look. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge with us.

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Thanks sandi! guess mistakes are how we learn, hope you have good luck with this project rather you use the glue or the extender, I will look forward to hearing how you like useing the extender, couldnt explane the look it gives, but you will see the difference, cant wait to see your painted windows and the stained glass also!

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Hi Oddie,

I'm hoping that you read this. After the tissue paper dries, how did you remove the extra paper on the side, with an exacto knife?



I'm going to attempt this.

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hi anna, yes and I used a ruler to lay tight aginest the glass part so I could cut the line stright, one sheet was almost the right size so only had to trim one side, you can coat the back with a couple coats of a spray sealer just to protect it.
took this photo while the back was still somewhat wet, but after completely drying the green that showed on the backing doest show so much, so its setting in my dinning room windown now, looks so pretty when the sun shines, was thinking about adding a couple chains and hang it in the window, its one of the few things I have made for myself! I did get the extender, now I need more windows LOL!
sandi w if you are reading this post was wondering if you have tried the extender yet and what you thought of it?


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