Painting leather shoes/purses

doinitoverJanuary 4, 2008

I bought a great pair of Born painted clogs at a Craft Show. I tried to get the artist to reveal her secrets, but no luck! I know she sands, primes, paints, seals...but do not know the products. I tried myself and used artist acrylic paint. Perhaps my primer is the problem, but the paint is very stiff and I know it will crack....any suggestions out there?


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Sorry doinitover, but I guess none of us have any idea about this. Canvas shoes I could help with but just not sure about other types of shoes. Maybe take an old pair of shoes made of a similar material and just experiment. Or contact someplace like Plaid or Delta where they manufacture craft paints and ask for help. Good luck, and I hope you will come back and show us pics of your finished project. Luvs

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Thanks luvs.

I do have a few paints to try.

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I'd love to see a picture of the painted shoes you bought. Can you post one?

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In the April 2008 issue of Quick and Easy Painting there is an article on how to paint those garden clogs. It states to prepare the rubber cloggs with two light coats of Matte Acrylic sealer/Finisher, drying well between coats. Then paint. Really cute clogs. I think I will try it too. I hope this helps.

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