Rock Painting

Jennifer123January 23, 2002

Does anyone do painting on rocks? Like animals? I did one once that was an oval shaped rock and I painted it to look like a curled up sleeping cat. I was just curious of where I could see some pictures or get some ideas? Thanks for any help.


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I have done this in the past as a way of entertaining bored children. I have never seen a book on this subject, but I do have some suggestions. First, you have to let the rock dictate what it should be. Pick it up and say to yourself, "What does this remind me of?" The last time I painted a rock it came out looking exactly like a finger complete with knuckles and nail. I used to leave it out on the end table in the livingroom as a funky decoration/conversation piece. When you paint use eye-catching bright colors. I favor acrylic paints, and I always spray them with a clear acrylic non-yellowing finish coat to protect all my hard work. I have also glued wiggle eyes on to some of my creatures.

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I found two books on the Artist Club web site about painting on rocks. Both are by Lin Wellford. I got my new Decorative Artist magazine yesterday and others were advertised in there. Keep Painting, Mary Sue

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Do a search on for painted rocks. There are several sites where people have painted rocks.

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Country Home & Garden Book Club has several different books on rock painting. Some on animals and some on flowers that I remember. They may have more.

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Thanks for the responses everyone! Greatly appreciated.


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Just got my monthly offer from Decorative Artist's Book Club and there are 5 books and 1 video on the subject all by Lin Wellford. Just seeing the ads gives you plenty ideas. I do have one of her books and she is especially good in painting animals.

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