Painting project for meeting

paintingfoolJanuary 6, 2009

What has everyone been doing? More paintings please, I would love to see what you have done in the past as well as recently.

I had a meeting with our painting chapter over the weekend and the night before I had to come up with something to teach. We try to have a member teach a class every meeting and we had no one scheduled for January. At any rate, I found one of my favorite books by Diane Richards. She had a really cute angel that I thought would be easy to paint. The plaque was found at Dollar Tree - they had oval, rectangle and rectangle with the corners cut - all about the size of 7"x9". So here is my interpretation of Diane's angel - I changed the colors.

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That's really cute!
My New Year's resolution is to make more time to paint. I made good on my resolution and am just about to finish 3 stacking boxes with a FolkArt theme and I have another box started in bright tropical colors with a design of exotic finches on it. I'll post pics as soon as I can.

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That looks so sweet and soft, love how fluffy the angel wings are too. I'm sure your class will love it. Luvs

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Hi...don't know how I missed this. Sure is a cutie pie angel. Wish I could do faces as well as you do. Your lettering is perfect too. Your class will love it.


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Thanks yall. What you can't see are the wings, there is a background of Ice Blue and the white strokes are stroked over the blue. She is a little puffy in the face and has pouty lips but I needed something quick to do. The class went great. Our ladies are always so happy to paint and they will try anything. They did have a bit of trouble with the eyes. The lettering is done with a flat brush, keep it at a 45 degree angle and pull towards yourself. I hope yall are painting because I am ready to see some new things,

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You always come up with neat projects for the gals to paint. Thanks for the tip on the lettering, I'll try that and see if it helps me with wider lettering. I have a hard time with little eyes more so than larger ones. Can you give us some tips on eyes that might help?

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PG, since this little angel was only about 4-5" from top to bottom, her eyes were tiny. They consisted on a dot with a half moon line above it. Then a small comma stroke of blue for the iris. The dot and the line were burnt umber to make them appear softer. We painted in the dot rather than using the end of a brush or stylus because it takes so long for that particular dot to dry. Painted in also gave it a bit of irregular shape, then when you paint in the line above you start from the left of the dot, pulling through the top of the dot and then down to the right side. I don't know if this makes sense or not.

If you are right handed it is easier to start from the left on most things you paint. I also use "Mag Eyes". This helps when I am painting small items - my old eyes just aren't what they use to be.

I have never had calligraphy classes but I read about how to hold the pen and that you should always pull - if you try to push upwards it would make the ink splatter. The same goes with the paint brush. Keeping your brush at a 45 degree angle will help you whether you are painting thick or thin letters. Also, I often will print out what I want to paint, transfer it to my surface and it will be spaced out properly. Unfortunately, with this piece I didn't do that as you can tell with the word Angel, it is tilting upwards towards the end.

Oh, it is 4 am and a bit early to be so chatty. Guess I will try to get in another hour of sleep before I tackle the house tomorrow.

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Thanks so much for responding so quickly to my questions. I used to do alot of calligraphy on signs in high school and never even thought about how to go about it properly with my brush.

Thank you for taking the time to explain with the details about your eyes and lettering. You are a good instructor it sounds like from your details. Bet you ladies have a ball in class.

If there are things you can see I should do differently on my projects I post, please point them out and give advise.
I am self taught and so I have never had the opportunity to paint with an instructor but I have taught local ladies what I know. lol

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I check out everything posted on this forum so I know you are an excellent painter. I think what I stress the most is to paint what you love and use the colors you like. I use a lot of patterns but I adapt them to my color taste. A lot of times I use the pattern as inspiration and draw my own interpretation. I saw your little snowman and you did a really great job, the shading and highlighting is very soft like I like it. Sometimes I don't get to respond to every post but I do look at them.

I don't remember where you are located but if you have a local chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters nearby, it would be great to visit them. We are an organization of over 25,000 decorative painters worldwide. We have a convention every year, this year in Peoria. You can check their website

Check under Chapter Information, then click on "How to find a chapter", then click "chapter directory and contact information, then the USA Flag, which will bring you up to all the states - you should be able to find one in your area. I have been a member for more than 25 years and have loved it.

I bet your friends love painting with you. That is how our chapter got started, just a couple of ladies getting together - and boy, you should see some of our first paintings!!

I hope to have time to submit a few things on my blog this year - you know, how to paint certain items. So keep checking, it may be a few weeks before I get started. I am still trying to get the house back in order and am doing the flowers for my nieces wedding in March - and I just found out from my sister, she wants to cater it which means I will be decorating and cooking. A lot to deal with so soon in the year.

I am taking a class with Ros Stallcup - the end of this month. I loved what we did last year and even though I have no problem painting the projects usually, I still like sitting with a bunch of ladies and painting so I take classes as often as I can.

It is so good to talk with someone who loves painting too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brushed by an Angel

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Thanks for the nice compliment. I live in MT and there is a chapter in Billings. It is over 300 miles from here so with our business's I won't be joining them for fun. Maybe someday I'll retire and we can start one in Missoula or Kalispell. sigh

I never take time to paint with my friends which makes me sad but I really don't have time in my life for that. They would rather have me apply their nail enhancements so that's our fun time together. We air brush and I paint all kinds of designs for them on their nails.

Your blog is amazing. I could spend all day on there and not see everything. You have done a wonderful job creating it.

Your sister and neice are so lucky to have someone like you who is so giving. Sounds like it'll be fun but tiring for all of you. Hope you post pictures for all of us to enjoy. I painted a sign for my daughters wedding to use as an entry to the lake. I wonder if she still has it. If so I'll take a picture and post for you. I painted all kinds of church's and things for her wedding and then we gave them to one of her friends for hers.

I have several of Ros Stallcup's books so maybe I'll have the pattern when you are done with class and post it. I do want to learn to paint more flowers so that will be what I try harder to accomplish this year.

I would like to do some of the projects from Priscilla's Elegant Aging Techniques book. Have you done gold leafing or any of the projects in this book? I think you would love them if not.

Did you take time out for a nap today since you were up sooo early? I enjoy the weekends as I don't always have time during the week to keep up on here. It's been good chatting and I'll check back tomorrow.

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PG, Montana!! It must be so cold up there. My next door neighbors are from Malta and will be leaving this week to visit family. I am such a baby when it comes to cold weather, never lived in it for very long but I guess it is like most things, you have to get use to it. We are having really nice weather - 72 degrees last night but only suppose to get up to about 56 today. Good thing we have central heat and air because we are constantly switching the thermostat.

I know how hard it can be when you are working and sometimes can't fit in the things you want to do most. I took an early retirement 2 years ago with every intention of painting all the time - well, my butt found the sofa and hasn't moved from it much since. I do read a lot and I have to have a purpose to paint or I don't know what I will do with all the things I paint.

You should do a blog with your items, too. It is so easy, just 1, 2, and 3 you're done. It is great for sending pictures to family. My family knows me very well and as soon as they see something they like, I get the call. The only thing I felt uncomfortable about is I didn't want anyone to think I was "showing off", as my mother would say. But I love looking at what others are doing whether they are new painters or seasoned painters. I like seeing how they progress and when you have a passion for something, you like sharing it. I have learned so much from other painters - especially from those who don't teach but have found a certain technique that works or an item that we can use in our paintings. My hubby says he can never tell what items he purchases at the grocery store are for the kitchen or my paint table - for example, alcohol, freezer paper, Mr. Muscle oven cleaner, lava soap, blue shop towels (I use cheap paper towels in the kitchen but love those blue shop towels in my paint room) - and he always brings back a bottle of miniature vodka when he travels.

I spent a week with Priscilla Hauser back in the 80's. She has a condo not far from where I live. I have done gold leafing but not from her book. I will have to check it out.

No nap for me, had the grandbaby over for a while and then we went to dinner at an Italian restaurant. I am a country girl and I don't care much for food with a lot of tomato sauces. And since we ate a little later than usual - I dreamed all night. But my hubby is off to the casino with his friends and I will have the whole day to myself and plenty of time to clean my painting room. Where do you paint? Do you have a Dollar Tree nearby? That is where I bought the little plaque above. I also love to check out the Thrift Stores for things I can paint on.

I am a bit talkative this morning, better get to cleaning up. Later, b

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PF...your Angel is inspiring!

Wow! I had to get a second cup of coffee to finish all your much good stuff!

Thanks for the info and ideas...they are always useful!

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PF, It has warmed up here (40) and our snow has melted for the moment. I have always lived in WY and MT so I'm use to it. Malta is Eastern part of the state. Do you have to garden all year long or do most things go dormant?

When you paint like you do it's ok to "show off" you've earned it!!! I do believe that you need to feel others appreciate your work or you'd quit.ha ha My mom was my biggest fan and inspiration when I first started painting. She would have me paint items for auctions all the time when she was alive and she loved the comments from all the ladies. She was very active in all the clubs, cancer society, 4-H, church and school.

I don't feel like I have time to make a blog now but I'll keep in touch when the time comes I know who can help huh? When you talk about Mr Muscle and all those cleaners, how often do you use them on your brushes?

I'll bet your week with Priscilla was more than interesting. Did you like the way she teaches painting or what did you paint with her? I like the last roses you've painted the best. I do like Donna's and Luvs one stroke roses but I'd like to paint others.

How many GB do you have? I love little ones and love the time I get to spend with GD.

I paint in one of my two spare bedrooms. I have a table and chairs set up in there to paint on. I'd like to move the bedroom set out but everytime I start to we get more company than I have beds for and it makes me reconsider. If the company would not come in the winter we could always use our toy hauler.

We do have a dollar tree 60 miles away but I very seldom go in there cuz DH loves to cut wood for me so I tend to let him do all my cutting. He just made me a dozen tags to paint on and even did the base coating in black for me. Our son just bought a lath so I'm hoping to get him to make me some candle holders and what ever once he gets his home built. He loves to make furniture and cabinets so someday I'm sure I'll see something.

My bag is yard sales if I'm lucky enough to get to go. However my sister is the one who like TS and auctions. She bought me a tredle sewing machine for my birthday last year. I told her no way and she said I had to take it cuz she already has 2. lol She paid $40 for it.

Can we post pictures from books on here if we say who the author is? I posted a picture of Bonney's book and the santa I plan to paint and if I shouldn't of I need to know. Thanks

You have really got me posting away also. I finsished my bear so I'll go post it. It's been a fun weekend. Still looking forward to seeing wedding goodies.

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PG, in our area a lot of plants go dormant but we don't lose all the leaves on our trees. My hibiscus is still green and growing but one good freeze will knock it to the ground. We are going from 72 degrees this past weekend to 23 degrees this Friday - I don't own a coat so I won't be outside much for sure.

Painting with Priscilla was very interesting. She is strictly business and everything she does is about selling - either books, paints, brushes or her friends projects. She is a beautiful painter and she hasn't forgotten the beginner. She is always smiling and upbeat. I took her one week basic tole class but decided not to go back the second week to be certified. I like what she does but I don't like being so structured. So, like most of us on here, I took what I learned and applied it to my style.

I have two identical 9 year old grandsons and an 8 and 2 1/2 year old grand daughters. They are so much smarter than I was when I was their age - they know all about setting up computers and WII consoles. And they check my blog everyday - they are so funny.

You are so fortunate to have a husband and son that are into woodmaking. I always cut my own wood and I received a new scroll saw 3 years ago for Christmas but it has never been out of the box (I plan on rectifying that this year). I, too, paint in one of our bedrooms - but my children are all grown and I have 2 spare bedrooms so the fourth is my painting room. It is a good size with an old 30x60" desk, three oak armoirs, one 8'long x 7' high x 24" shelving unit, and a large cabinet to hold material, and a file cabinet. With all that the closet is totally crammed full of rubbermaid containers. I am the type that has to have everything organized. I also have a treadle sewing machine - love it so much I keep it in the living room. It works really well and still has the original book, wooden spools and little oil can.

I don't know if we can post pictures from books, may have to get Luvs to jump in here for that one. If it isn't allowed you can always remove it later.

Now I am off to look for your bear.


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OM, that is so funny to me in MT that you don't own a coat. We couldn't survice without some. They are predicting fog the rest of the week and tempts falling here. We have had some days in the 50's. I don't like driving in the fog so I'm not looking forward to heading out in the morning. We don't get much fog so I'm glad for that.

If Priscilla is a good seller than she is a good business person and I'm sure that has taken her a long way with her career. However, I can see why one week could be enough if you wasn't wanting to purchase right then.

Sounds like you enjoy your GC and they are special. You have 2 more than I do and I'm happy for you. I would like a dozen but don't think I'll get any more. The GC check your blog every day, that is awesome to say the least. You must be very special to your children and GC.

It was our daughters birthday today so we went out for dinner and got to enjoy our GD. She is going to start gymnastics so she was showing us how she does cart wheels splits and backwards somersaults. It was a riot. Can hardly wait until she really knows how. I'm so happy she gets to start this at such a young age. She's 3 and they wanted to start her last year but couldn't work out the schedule. These kids now days are amazing or is it because of the love, we are easily entertained. lol

Our son was telling us he can already turn his new home for $250,000. I can see the day coming that he will only buy land, build and sell. It would be a good simple life for him if he does this every two years. He has a great manager at his business so he only has to work Mondays now. Where did I go wrong! ha ha

Have you started any new painting projects? It has been a very busy week with work so I haven't had a chance to get going on painting. Most of my projects I paint I give away and so far I don't have to think about what I want to do with them. I had a lady in today that needs some auction items next week for the Boys and Girls Club so I may try to come up with some cute and easy Valentine items.

Oh, I checked out some of Diane Richards books and she is a great painter and must love angels. When I feel I need more new books I'll try to remember to look for some of hers. Right now I'm still overwhelmed with all the new books I received for Christmas. I still need to make room for them. I'd like to put in a closet organizer if I can figure out what I really want.

I still laugh about your butt hitting the sofa and not wanting to move. Must have good books to keep you there and that's a good things also. I haven't been reading much lately but this reminds me I have training that has to be done so I best get to sleep and try to do that tomorrow. Punk

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