Thanks for the Silicon advice!

sabrinacarrJanuary 28, 2009

I thought I would have to put my light shade project on hold until I could scrounge up enough change to go buy some silicon. As luck would have it, while searching for a light bulb in the tool closet, I happened upon some silicon I bought last year for mounting plant anchors outside on the wall. The silicon worked beautifully. My pebbles stayed put and it was even less messy than working with Weldbond. The only drawback (and this might simply be this particular brand) is that the instructions say to let glass on glass projects cure for a week before doing anything else to the object. So, instant gratification on the one hand, on the other...well, I'm just going to have to be patient! I will post pics once the shade is grouted.

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Can't wait to see it!!! I too am impatient. When I get started I want to get the job finished ASAP. Will watch in a week!! Catherine

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wonderful news, glad it worked out and I hope you'll post a pic when its done

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So that is good news!!! I'm assuming it's clear silicone? Gotta give us WIP pics!!!!

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clear and pure 100% silicone not the Acrylic types with silicone added. I still feel the best material is Goop. I can peel silicone off glass with my fingers but I need a razor blade to get Goop off of glass. Silicone two is good but its fumes are very ubhealthy. People working with it in closed areas can get very sick. Silicone 3 Ive heard does not give off the fumes but its hard to find .

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Does anyone know if silicone is ok with a little heat? I want to try putting a glass mosaic around an uninteresting cylindrical clear glass candle wind protector, I'm a little worried that there would be too much heat. If silicone no good - then what adhesive?
Cape Town

Here is a link that might be useful: Make Mosaics

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I'm fairly sure that silicone can be heated to up to 500 degrees safely

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I have made lots and lots of candle jars with silicon some are now years old and I've never had any problem with the heat.
I'm having fun reading this forum, I use silicon on all my projects, but I have never heard of silicon 1,2 or 3 I just use clear all purpose clear silicon, I also didn't know about silicon being 100%, I grout my projects as soon as they dry :o) maybe I should go and read the packaging!!

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those flexible cooking pans that you can buy now are made out of a kind of silicone. So it can take heat! Its amazing stuff isn't it.

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Yes - it works fine - the little heat from the candle is no problem. Thanks

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Can't wait to see the pics!

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I've been told that silicon can become discoloured / yellowish if exposed to left sunlight for any length of time - anyone had experience of this?

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