Painted Birdhouses

lady_beejayJanuary 2, 2002

Just came across a great book at A.C. Moore's by Dorothy

Egan. There are over 20 different kinds of birdhouses to

paint and step by step directions. It was a little expensive, ($24.00) but I just had to buy it. I told my

DIL it was for her birthday, but she and I will share it.

She just loved it. Can't wait to get started. Going today

to buy some birdhouses. And, one of the good points, is

that it is permissible to sell them at shows and shops.

A second book was mentioned and I was able to buy it

used from Amazon for $7.00. And, I could have also bought

the one that I had already bought for $10.00. So, that

taught me a lesson. Whenever I see a book now, I will

check with Amazon's used book secion to see if I can get

it cheaper. Anyone else used any of Dorothy Egan's books?

Happy New Year to everyone. JOY

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Check this out on Ebay! One of the cheapest places to get your tole painting books, other than the Artist Club. Most tole books that you buy will tell you that you can sell for personal profit, you just can't copy and sell their patterns.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dorothy Egan - Birdhouses

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I have two books by Dorothy Egan - 'Painting & Decorating Birdhouses' with 22 projects and 'Quaint Birdhouses You Can Paint and Decorate' with 24 more. The second book is an extension of painting birdhouses to look like city, town and country buildings - log cabin, bank, flower shop, train depot, spice shop, sewing shop, fire dept, post office, haunted house and more. Anyway I love them both! Birdhouses are my thing and I love both cutting them myself and painting them into buildings I can personalize. For instance for a friend or family member who teaches I might make a school house, for someone who likes to garden a flower shop, etc. Last year I painted 2 sets of papier mache birdhouse ornaments using the ideas from those 2 books. There was an antique barn, camping tent, flower shop, post office, etc. I donated one to a local auction which sold well and when it was over I had people calling me wanting me to make them some! Needless to say I made a little money. You can do a great Christmas display using birdhouses as your buildings.

Other books I have on painting birdhouses that I really enjoy are 'Making & Painting Victorian Birdhouses' by Joyce Rice - more buildings done in Victorian style, 'Painted Birdhouses' by Plaid - a mixture of more buildings, lamps, but the cottages and villas was my reason for buying it.

Other small books and leaflets that I have picked up at local craft stores are 'A Year Of Birdhouses' by Leisure Arts, 'Birdhouses With Country Charm' by Faith Rollins (I liked hers because it had a couple of rustic lighthouses and a townhouse in it), and probably my two favorite smaller books are 'Birdhouse Village' by Delta which basically is a whole christmas village for you to paint and 'The Nesting Place' by Max Terry which has a great christmas candy house on a candy cane pole, Noah's Ark, more cottage buildings and town houses and unusual shaped ones that look like fish, watermelon slices, apples, cats, etc.

Those are just SOME of the books I have on birdhouses that I like.
Can you tell I love birdhouse projects? My young daughter has decided I'm a birdhouse addict. I even made birdhouse ornaments out of burnt out lightbulbs this year! I AM an addict! Oh well, I suppose I could have worse addictions. Have fun with your book and a Happy New Year to you.

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