Maybe the tide is finally turning to smaller houses

merjJuly 20, 2008

This is in the news this morning

Here is a link that might be useful: Smaller Houses

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Interesting article. We lived pretty happily in an 800 sq ft house here in FL for 6 years. Now we're in 1600, and it doesn't seem like we have any more room- we just bought a lot more stuff! The next (and hopefully last) house will be in rural SC, and the design I have calls for 1200 sq ft- plenty for a couple empty-nesters. To compensate, we'll have a good sized barn, lots of porches, and a full basement. But we only plan to heat and A/C the main floor. We (and most other people) need to go on a 'stuff diet'- get rid of all the baggage and simplify our lives. Easier said than done...

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Ran a search on small homes and was surprised at the number of news articles which showed up on smaller homes becoming the future of realestate. Maybe our houses will bode well for prices being far better than larger homes and coming back sooner sales wise.

Yes, cutting down is still an issue for me personally. I'll get there after all the to-do's are finished. Seems like this takes as long as getting rid of stuff.

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My sister is considering building one of Ross Chapin's houses. She was going to build even smaller (400 sq ft) from the tumbleweed tiny house company but building codes in her area require at least 600 sq ft. I think maybe "Lisette" is the one. My parents also live in Kitsap County where his partner is consulting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lisette

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My mantra for the past few years has been "Less is More". However my DH makes it a never ending battle. My goal is to build a very small "cottage" such as a Katrina cottage or the likes and retire in that. It will be so easy to maintain and utilities will be next to nothing compared to this big old Victorian we currently live in.

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EEEKKK I have been seriously purging stuff for the last four years. Still have too much. Now we are finally moved to our new house I plan on having a huge yard sale. When I get done putting things I MUST keep away the rest is going away. My mind is made up. I am not going to live cramped and burdened by stuff.

I have found that I have not missed anything I already gave away. Knowing that helps. Since this house is not all that different from the last one most of my favorite things do fit. I really have not had time to get it all sorted out yet. When I do I KNOW I will be much happier living in our smaller house.


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Since when is 2,000 square feet a small home? I live in a small house, and the thought of asking someone what the weather is like in the family room just makes me laugh!!

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According to the description of this forum, a 'small' home is under 2000 Sq Ft. I've lived in 5 different homes over my 54 years, and have never lived in a house over 2000 sq ft. My BIL recently 'down-sized' from 3500 to 2700 sq ft. Bear in mind, they are nearly retirement age, and have been empty-nesters in the last 3 house they've owned. To each, his or her own, but I've never had the desire to live in a large house. Now, as for the garage/workshop/barn, well, they can never be too big!

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The only mention of 2,000 SF in the article is a couple who moved from a 2,000 SF house to a smaller cottage.

We are s-l-o-w-l-y deaccumulating stuff here, in hopes of moving to a smaller house in a few years.

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Merj you CAN DO IT!!!!

I have spent the day moving my storage items up to the loft, in his shop, my hubby built for me. The last house we had and just moved from had four areas for storage totaling about 350 SQ FT. I now have 96 SQ FT and only 5 FT tall unless I stand up between the rafters. I am almost done getting all I REALLY WANTED to keep up there and will be able to get to it too so it is not just all piled up. I have 5 more boxes and three odd things to go yet but I just got too hot out there not to mention tired. I am going to start a yard sale going in the shop when I will be around and see if I can get rid of a set of chairs and a few things I moved I thought I wanted but don't really now we are here.

It makes me feel so good to know this stuff is gone and it is just that. STUFF My brain will not be burdened by these things any longer. Don't think for one second I have shorted myself I still have plenty left!!!

Yippieee for smaller houses!!!!


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