I bought a fantastic bottle cutter !

toomuchglassJanuary 25, 2013

Hey everyone ! Nice to check in again ! I've been in such a slump , it wasn't even a slump , it was worse than a slump . The heat of last summer sucked the life out of me . I've been in a terrible mindset since then. I turned into a couch- potato- zombie. ( My butt was growing wider by the minute,too )

I'm finally - slowly - getting back to normal. DH encouraged me by putting up rods over every window , so I can make a million suncatchers and hang them up :) I'm gearing up now ! Now - if I can get my creativity back - I'll be in business. I have a few projects on my desk waiting to be finished ...I'm on a "slow roll" ! LOL

Here's what I'm excited about ---- a bottle cutter I saw on TV . I don't think I've ever known a bottle cutter to work like they say it does , but I saw the demo on this and I had to have it .
It's called " The Kinkajou " . I think it's from
Canada ! The guy that invented this really thought it through & simplified it . I've cut through 4 bottles already . Glass being glass --- some bottles didn't work out , but the ones that did ,were awesome !

No , I'm not spamming ! LOL I just thought you'd like to see it :)

Here is a link that might be useful: the Kinkajou cool bottle cutter

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OMG that is cool,,, I think I need one too!lol yep I'm sure I do

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LOL ---- another toy !!!! ROFL !!

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Wow, that is so cool. I NEED one. Thanks for telling us about it. I have a bottle cutter and it is packed away somewhere; didn't work worth a flip. I want this one.

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Pretty nifty, but too slow for me - w/stick to the tile saw method.

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Ooh, that looks fun. I've admired bottles with glam tess on them.

Do post your sun catchers! I've fiddled around with them, but haven't finished anything. I don't seem to be able to finish anything lately.

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I had to order one!! Looks so easy! Thanks for the tip.

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How cool! I like something that works fast, so have done as Slow says, used my tile saw, but this would give a clean straight line! And this looks like it would be fast too!

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