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judysJanuary 5, 2002

I've recently begun to use the Donna Dewberry OneStroke method of painting and would like to paint on a painted galvanized mailbox. I'm not sure how to prepare the surface so the paint will stay on. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance, JudyS

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Hi JudyS...I have a subscription to Donna D's "Stroking Edge" website and I found a painted mailbox project. Here is the info directly from there.

Wipe surface down with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar. Let dry.

Then you go ahead and paint whatever you are doing on the box.


Let the mailbox dry for at least 24 hours. Spray with clear lacquer, not clear spray. Lacquer can be purchased at any home improvement center. Lacquer does not yellow and it holds up well under the weather elements. Be very careful with your mailbox until you spray with lacquer. The paint will scratch off the surface easily until it has been sealed. Let the first coat dry completely, and repeat with 2-3 additional coats. Let each coat dry completely. Be sure to wear a mask, and spray the mailbox in a well ventilated area.

This advice is from the pro's so it should be of help to you!!

We don't have those type of mailboxes where I live, just wooden ones, so I follow these steps for any other metal items I paint on. Have fun doing the mailbox!

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Thanks BeBe...the mailbox needs repainting at our house and this was such timely information.

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Thank you so much BeBe! It snowed here yesterday, the kids and I are stuck inside so I'm going to try to start on either the mailbox or a candle today. Thanks again, JudyS

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