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oddieJanuary 21, 2008

Is there a way to make your own extender for acrylic paints? I am in the middle of a project and ran out of florkArt extender, brought floating medium, thinking it might do the same but it doesnt, I am doing a sorta faux stained glass and need the transpatrency look the extender gives! tried watered down paint, no luck! our wal-mart doesnt carrie it and hobby lobby is a trip from my house, tried doing a search but couldnt find any info, and dont know much about paint supplies to figure it out.



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I've heard of Using Glycerin as an Extender for Acrylic Paints but have never tried it myself.

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Thank you! diarich for posting, I did a search on glycerin, sounds like it would work like the floating medium does, since I posted this ? I tried the white glue and food color method, works better then anything I have tried if I keep it watered down good, but still doesnt have the look that paint extender does, it keeps the color if that makes sense, the other seems to just water down the color.
should just give up and run to hobby lobby, Thanks agine

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I am glad Diana could be of some help. I've never used extender so had no idea what you could use in place of it. Can't wait to see your project when you get it finished. Luvs

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