What did Santa bring you to work with or work on?

GramaJanuary 2, 2004

For Christmas, I received a pile of various sized wood for my firescreen.

I have someone that is going to build it for me so, I can paint the inserts. It will have several diferent inserts to interchange throughout the year. and.. an easel

AND....a gift card to MICHAELS. How great is that?

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Hi Grama,
I got a dremel. I paint on cypress knees and the dremel will come in handy for sanding! What part of KY are you in? I am in the nw corner of TN about 30 miles from the KY line.
I haven't posted much, but keep promising myself to start!

Here is a link that might be useful: my painted cypress knee

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For Christmas I got a brand new electric drill with a keyless chuck! I don't very much like the battery operated ones and have been wanting an electric one for several years now. It also has a reverse thing-y.... I haven't used it yet but I will if I ever get this Christmas mess cleaned up!


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Gifted myself a tabletop easel (Sorrento) and some brushes. Already have lots of Ceramcoat paint from when our local Beverley Fabrics store closed in Placerville (that was before we moved to So. Oregon year before last). Yesterday I went to a free intro class on tole painting, and plan to sign up starting next week.
I have read lots of the earlier posts here, but it is awfully quiet, isn't it ... have a question, will post a new thread in an effort to breathe a little life into the forum. Delina

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