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lillyjaneJanuary 9, 2010

Here is a gourd bird house, There is a hole for the birds, it just didn't show in the pic. Man I hate cleaning out those gourds -- grumble--gripe--grumble !

I done a couple of these for my DH & DD ")


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I thought I saw a jan on here somewhere ??? right ??? so I didn't want to intrude & decided to use Lilly, & I keep forgetting & signing with jan LOL have ya ever been to a place in your life where ya didn't even know your own name & just meet yourself coming & going ??? LOL anyway my name is jan & my username -- lillyjane is after my grandma Lilly & my granny Nelliejane. so what ever I sign, just check my username please ") sorry bout that LOL
Lilly or aka jan ")

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I posted to this and it didn't post so I'll start over. These are great and thanks so much for sharing. My little sis sent me a few gourds a few years back to paint on. I would like to find some of the large ones at a reasonable price to paint on someday.

You are great at painting animals and everything it looks like. I haven't painted much for animals but plan to do more this year if all works out. I started a horse head last year on an old suitcase and put it up when I was having alot of company and not sure where it is right now so I should find it and finish it.

Thanks so much for sharing your story about your name on here. I think it's fine to be Jan if that's your preference. Jan only comes to post once in a while so we don't always have a Jan here. I use phonegirl because we own two cell phone companys and I go by Punk every day in real life but my name is Dora.


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Lillyjane or Jan, you can use whichever feels most comfortable for you, it won't be a problem.

Love your birds, I painted a couple this past year and they weren't as hard as I had imagined, so might try a few more this year.

Your deer is great! You do realistic painting quite well. Love the background you did on that pot too.


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