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lillyjaneJanuary 6, 2010

I have done lots of these in the past also. I first started with the patterns in a book, I can't remember the name or author of the book(which is deeply buried somewhere now) then people were wanting special occasions or themes to match there house, so off I went to the drawing board. I miss those days.


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Thanks so much for posting all your cute displays and Welcome picket signs you've made. This is wonderful to find this morning.


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Oh, Lilly, I think I still have that welcome post book too--another thing I never got around to doing. Your designs are so cute, great idea to just use your own ideas to make them for all occassions. I can tell you are a really good painter as well and I'll bet you were very successful at the craft shows. Luvs

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Thanks Punk ")
Hi Luvs, Do you have someone to cut your wood for you? DH always helped me, it sure was easier when he did it "). I first made the WP's just like the book said to, but after I made a few I noticed that the wind blew them over very easily, so we started making them about 6 inches shorter & made the base & top about 2 inches larger. Now when the wind would blow over the first ones we made, some of the dowel rods would break when they fell over & hit the porch, so we started putting larger dowels in then what the patteren called for. I liked the looks of them shorter. The bear was on a gift bag that I thought was very cute.

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I signed jan to the above post, I thought I saw another jan somewhere on here so I'll just use Lilly ")

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Lilly, that was great that you were able to correct the problems you discovered with the posts. I can see where making the bigger tops would allow more or bigger items there.

I never got any of these made, but I did use the same concept with a birdhouse on top--that thing lastest for years--I even replaced the boards that supported the post a couple of times! Finally gave up on it when the bird house got smashed badly from one too many windstorms blowing it over on the concrete patio! I also have a post that I put the pot holder/hangers on the side, I've replaced the bottom support boards on it and even cut the bottom of the post off because it was starting to rot. Can you tell I tend to hang onto things as long as possible? LOL They are fun to make, and often are just the right size to fill in a certain area on the patio or porch. I cut all my own wood, I use a couple of scroll saws and have a "chop" saw and jig saw also. DH will help me if I can't figure something out or if it's something I've not done before. (How do men just know these things?)

Other than how cute those posts were, the thing that attracted me to that book was that you could change out the decorations for the seasons or special occassions. I had big ideas, but alas--never got them done. Story of my life! LOL


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I like them all Lilly! Thanks so much for taking the time to post them. Never made any posts myself, but I did buy one with a birdhouse on top of it. It's seen a few windstorms this year and is looking in need of some repairs. ha Mine is top heavy so had to weigh it down at the base with some big rocks. ~Anj

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Welcome Lilly!

I also have books 1 & 2 of the Welcome Posts, but your creations look so much better. Like you, I changed things to fit the person I was making them for or just to add more interest.

I like your idea of enlarging the top, bigger top - more goodies.

Thanks for sharing and come back soon!


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