Floral shop #2

lillyjaneJanuary 6, 2010

I didn't want to get to many pics in one post so it would load quicker, I hope ya don't mind me posting so many pics.

This was the back building that they rented out for partys


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You can never post to many pictures but thanks for being so considerate of load time for all. These are fantastic and I'm sure they were enjoyed by many. This is so fun to have you posting with us. You must be one very creative lady.


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Punk, it's fun being here. I haven't had anyone to talk paintin with in a long time. It's nice, thanks everyone for the conversions.
You must be one very creative lady
LOL We just thought is was called being poor, when we was growing up, we never could afford to buy alot, When I was young, Mom tought us how to look at stuff & go home & make it. I remember her taking me & my sis shopping for clothes at the stores. We would find something that we liked & she would say " Well they want how much for that??!!?? That don't even have a yard of material in it." LOL & then we would stop at the material store on the way home & she would let us pick out a yard of material & she would go home & cut a pattern out of newspaper & start sewing.

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Lilly, that's exactly what made me want to paint--I loved all the country signs I was seeing at restaurants and other places but didn't want to pay the price to buy them. Then I started looking at painting books and tried to find a class and the rest is history. DH teases that he should have just bought the signs for me--instead of the investment I now have in paints, books, saws, etc. LOL

I love your painting style, and can't wait to see more. Do you have any projects in mind for any upcoming holidays or even just for Spring? Sure hope so.


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I'm sure I don't mind looking at as many pics as you want to put up! ha Those are awesome! ~Anj

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Sounds like we all started painting for the same reason. It's good or we wouldn't of known what we are capable of. I had always wanted to try but if it wasn't for ceramics to start I don't know if I would of tried.

I love to look at pictures so old or new they are enjoyed. Punk

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