Got any tips about frames?

oceannaJanuary 5, 2012

Do any of you have any recommendations about buying frames? I bought one from Michael's a while back that was made of some type of plastic (compressed industrial waste from China?) and it literally fell apart/off the wall.

I'm looking for two simple 20x30 black poster frames. Money IS an object, and I just want them for the laundry room, not the living room. But I don't want to spend a dime on something that will fall apart.

I even looked at Goodwill, but they have the idea that if something is that big they can ask an absurd price for a banged-up what it is. At least where I looked they did.

I do have a chop saw (a miter box on steroids), if that helps, but no router.

What have you done to save $ but still get decent quality?

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Oceanna, have you checked at Ross or TJ Maxx? Walmart carries poster frames for around $5.97 but they are plastic. Depending on the look you want they might work.

To bad it's not the time of year for yard sales. I've seen alot of them for $1. Another thought might be craigslist.

You could buy molding and make your own with your chop saw. Some of the crown molding has nice patterns. I have a husband who has a shop full of power tools. He makes frames when I plead so I'm lucky on that note. The problem is getting glass or plexiglass cut that doesn't cost a fortune.

Good luck and I hope you will share pictures when you finish.


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Thanks for all the great ideas, Punk! I'll definitely check these out. You just saved me money and from making a mistake. Awesome.

As far as making frames, though, I think you need a router to make the little channel that holds the glass. Lucky you to have such a handy hubby!

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Do you have any other thrift stores around? We have Value Village and they always have loads of frames at ridiculous prices. We have a couple of Goodwills around here but I never shop there because I feel they are over priced.
I have used acrylic frames from Michael's in the past for framing posters and have never had a problem with them, they were very good quality.
The other most common frame I use are the sectional frame kits that you build yourself by buying the 2 different lengths of frame you need (2 pieces per package) and putting them together. I've used those on pretty much all of my art pieces in my house. I usually order them on-line because I get a better selection of materials and colors.

I usually order them from;

I'm not sure they make a length at 30" though.

Have you checked local hardware stores? They have framing materials. You could probably buy the molding from them and ask them to rout it for you. It would be worth a try! Good luck!

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