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gale_2009February 23, 2009

Well my boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years and his daughter can do no wrong,sending the wrong message,I have a 9 year old son who lives with us all the time. And she starts stuff but always egnored, well I just found a letter in her room that said she does not like cody at all, and im using her father all of a sudden she is changing things were good for the last 4 years. She used to complain about her mom but we always kept it positive, her mom doesnt like me of coarse ,she is a internet date freak. and they had an awful marrage. im just not sure what to do about this it hurt me alot. Do I show him he probuly wont do antthing,except if cody wrote it. I need help bad

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gale, show it to your DH. Don't expect a lot to happen but it's good for him to know where things really are. It sounds like the daughter is a pre-teen or teen? This sounds like par for the course in adolescence whether it's a step or your own child. I have not been through the teenage years yet other than when dating DH with his son at the time but from reading here that's what it sounds like.

Don't take it too personally. Maybe she's mad because she thinks you or your son are keeping DH from doing stuff she wants, just a guess.

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how old is she and how did you come across her letter and why did you read it? I understand sometimes kids/teens leave stuff all over open for everybody but maybe you could still avoid reading it. Who did she write the letter to? Was it addressed to you? If not, then I suggest you do nothing. Otherwise you will have to explain why you read her private correspondence. If it was addressed to you, then you could discuss it with her.

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