Knockoff for good Taste?

martinca_gwJuly 30, 2014

Probably not. DD daughter loves the cabs this company (atlanta) makes. This 36" for bathroom is $5k, so will,not happen. Are there tasteful knockoffs anywhere . Eye of beholder, but in general, do you know of any?

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Hmm, see I wasn't clear. She loved many of their cabs, not just this style. Wondering where to find knock-offs of great cabs in general, if there is such a thing in decent style and quality?

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Elraes Miller

Have you considered looking at dressers of similar style and having one reclaimed for the bath? I can't tell how the top is finished with a sink though.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Craigslist for a dresser that can be converted to a vanity...

Habitat's ReStore for donated items

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I have a dresser or whatever piece of furniture was "reclaimed" for a vanity. Can't wait to get rid of it. The plumbing and sinks took most of the storage space and wood + water from the sink don't get along well. Habitat may get one that someone already did the work on if I'm not able to sell it on Craigslist this winter.

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My 3 vanities are all made from antique dressers/bureaus and I LOVE them. The drawers were simply cut around the plumbing and have plenty of storage. I put remnant granite or marble on top of each of mine. I second the CL option to try to find one, or if you can post a pic of a style she DOES like, we may be able to help.

I've always loved the Ethan Allen chest below (when I though she liked the style above) but it looks like they don't stock in any more. I just looked for it a few weeks ago and saw it on their site then; bummer.

Marti, thank you very much for your kind message about Mum on the conversations side in the post about Rooney. I cried...

Here is a link that might be useful: new country by ethan allen hannah bowfront chest

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Cole & Co has some high-fashion 36" sink chests for about half of 5k, but I have never seen them up close. They are sold on Wayfair, Ebay, etc.

Maybe you could talk her into a statement-piece mirror and a more ordinary vanity.

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Our great decor minds think alike.:). Repurposong a chest was my first thought. Two problems: it takes a prolonged hunt, and this is a tall family in need of the newer height vanity. Few antique dressers, chests, etc. are tall enough, even with the added inch or so of marble.
Thanks, Jamie's, but $2500 is still twice as much as she'll put onto the powder room cab.
My3-now-4, it came late, but straight from my heart. I was misty eyed, too.
In the forum sense of the word, you, I'm sure, are loved by all who post here. Always sharing, and so giving with your talents, but mostly because of the 'you' that shines through your writing.
Enough! Now go over to "..your home" thread and give us a repeat tour of your cozy, lovely home! I want to see the river again , too.
And , back to the post, let me know if any of you come across cabs for 1k , or less, that aren't the yukky overly ornate plaster wood cr*p. TIA!

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