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anjabeeDecember 30, 2008

Found these cedar closet hangers 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago. Thought they'd be cute painted. Whatcha think? This is a pattern by Shara Reiner in a Quick & Easy Painting mag. I just noticed I forgot to put the buttons on the snowman. If you zoom on the pic you can see his hat is really not wobbly like that. Something happens in the resizing sometimes. ha Thought ya'll might like the idea of the hangers though. ~Anj

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Thanks for taking up the slack for me. lol My last client just left so this is great to come and find your posts tonight. I love this idea and what a cute finished project. What are you painting on the ither one? I want to get started on some Valentine projects but still have alot started I should finish first.

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I don't know what will go on the other one yet. I'll have to see if inspiration strikes me with anything. ha I'm working on another glass block right now and a leprecaun with his pot of gold and still trying to finish up a snowman stake I started last month. ha I have a bad habit of starting more than one project at a time when I should just finish one project before moving on to the next one.
Glad you liked my little hanger. I'll probably tie a bow and some greenery onto the hanger right above the wood to finish it off. ~Anj

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Gosh, you find the neatest ideas! I wouldn't have even known to look for something like these. Another good idea for little gifts. I like your little snowman even without his buttons. Isn't it funny how you don't notice something until you see the picture? LOL I'm always excited to see your projects. Hope you start to feel better soon. Luvs

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I thought you might like the hanger idea Luvs. ha I notice lots of things on the pics that I miss when I've got the project right in front of me. Why is that?? ha

Thanks for the well wishes. At least my head finally stopped hurting and I can breath a little thru my nose. ha Must be on the mend! ~Anj

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I'm going to look for these little cedar hangers when I go to Dollar Tree next time. Would be good to take along to paint when we travel since they wouldn't take up much room. And they are something people can actually use which is good too.

I hate having a cold--either I can't breathe or I'm constantly blowing my nose--can't decide which is worse! And for some reason they just zap the energy right out of me--not that I have much of it anyway! I hope your's will be all gone soon, maybe it's at least making you slow down a bit so you get some much needed rest.


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Anj, what a clever idea, our Dollar store was just added to our shopping list.
Did you seal the wood? Any prep work we should know about? It would be nice not to have to do all of the prep! When my DD was a teen, she would sit and watch a movie with a large towel over her lap, she would sand all of my wood, gosh I miss that. She is far better at painting than I, but painting just isn't her thing. Ah! Maybe someday.

What a great idea for a small but thoughtful gift, thank you for sharing!


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Thanks you guys. I hope you can find them. They were over in the area with the closet/laundry stuff of course. I'm always on the lookout for different painting surfaces. Seems to make things more fun for me. The hard part is finding a pattern small enough to fit them. ha I was thinking of making some for my tree next year, but don't know if they'd be too heavy. Or I think they'd look cute hanging from a door knob, cabinet, dresser or a shelf peg like mine is.

Belle~ I just picked it up and started painting on it. Maybe should have sealed it first??? Never painted cedar before. I just sealed it afterward with spray sealer. Sorry you lost your painting helper. Sanding is my least favorite part! ha


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