Little Snowman with Birdhouse Box

anjabeeDecember 16, 2012

A little box I painted for a friend. I put Christmas eggnog taffys in it. I forgot to take a pic of the back but it has a snowman cutout backed by rusty metal. Looks pretty cool. Hope you like it. I think this is a Renee Mullins design, but I don't know what stack my book got stuck into at the moment. ha ~Anj

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So...So...cute! Excellent painting! Love the snow on the branches and your carrot and cardinal are terrific!

TY for Sharing Anj!!!!!


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Looks like a Renee Mullins. You did such a nice job painting it. Luvs

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Thanks y'all. I hope she liked it! I've been going thru my books today trying to figure out what to paint next. Time to work on spring stuff I guess?? ~A

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Anj, such a cute project! Bet your friend loved it. I so need to stay on top of your projects and miss all of you.
Remember when....hmmmmm

Don't want to shock you but I actually painted several things the last two days. I think it has been at least a year since I've had the desire
to pick up a brush. DD ask if I would paint something for one of our employees for her birthday in Feb. and that's all it took to get me going again.
I can honestly say I loved painting again.


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Woohoo! Glad to have you back painting again Punk! I hope you took pictures! =D I miss having our group active! ~Anj

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