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mom2emallFebruary 26, 2009

So I mentioned before my middle sd has an IEP and gets extra help at school. Sometimes I feel like they do a great job with it all. Other times I feel like she is still overwhelmed. She has made tons of progress this year but has lots of homework. After talking to her teacher about modifying assignments she said that it would not help her because the goal is to get her to where everyone else is at. So pretty much they were against lessening her homework. She is in a smaller class though and does have more one-on-one than in previous years and has work that is her ability instead of at her previous school, where they gave her work that we always had to do with her.

Anyways a few weeks ago she brought home this paper about a 1 page essay she had to write for the schools D.A.R.E. program. I told her we would work on it every night till it was due, that way we could do a little at a time and have plenty of time to edit and type it. She informed me that it would all be done at school in her class. She has never lied about school work so I said ok.

Today she brings it home and tells me it is due Monday! She had one sentence done!!! I ask her what happened to what she originally said. She said they only had a little time one day to work on it and then her and her teacher forgot about it so now she has to do it at home!

I am really aggrevated! I sent her teacher an e-mail telling her my original intentions to work on the essay over time and how now we have to cram all the work into one weekend and it is way too much for my sd to do in that time! I worded it pretty much saying was the original plan to work on it at school or did my sd misunderstand?

My sd swears that she is telling the truth.

I feel like if that is the case then we should only have to write the rough draft at home this weekend and her teacher can spend the time editing it and typing it at school with her since this is her mistake. Or she should extend the deadline. Why should our whole weekend be this paper because the teacher forgot about it? (there is no school tomorrow for Casmier Pulaski day even though the actual holiday is Monday)

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If she has IEP she should get extended time as accommodation. If she does not have that, then make sure her new IEP states that, or you can request amendment to the IEP stating that she gets extended time when it is appropriate. One page essay might mean nothing to others but if it is a problem for SD, she should have extended time.

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I wouldnt cram it in all in one weekend if she is telling the truth. You have a child with documented issues and an IEP the teacher should have been more on top of her game of informed you/her of the change in circumstances. And personally I dont really give a crap what teachers and so called ESE specialist have to say with regards to my child. Their first response in every meeting is medication followed by well we are helping him this day and this day... not good enough. I went into the IEP meeting with a list of things that I wanted in the IEP. I refused to take no for an answer and made sure the teachers followed through. A visit with the principal twice ensured that we havent had to many issues since with not following the IEP. You know your child best and if you feel the same progress could be accomplished with less homework demand. They dont get the final say... you do.

And on a side note ... the amount of work does not equal quality of the work. One or two problems highlighting the important components that are supposed to be learned can be just as effective as twenty.

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