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phonegirlDecember 26, 2008

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and since one of my gifts was a new camera I had to try it out. I gave away most of the last projects I painted and didn't get pictures but I ended up with this santa and had to paint a quick project for one of my daughters friends so was able to take a picture of this star out of one of my new books by Susan Kelly. I received so many new paint books for Christmas that I'm over whelmed with what to paint first. Hope I don't post to much if I get crazy painting.

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Well just look at you still painting up a storm! What cute projects. You sure did a great job on that plaid, and the snow on top of the hat. He looks so cute. The little one santa is holding has the cutest expression, but it looks like Santa is saying "Is it done yet?" LOL Good pictures, congrats on the new camera. So tell us what new books you got for Christmas. I got a DVD and some stencils for Laurie Speltz projects--not sure how soon I'll get around to doing one though. Luvs

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Luvs, Thanks for the comments on my projects. Here is a list of the books I received for Christmas:

Between The Vines 8 - Jami Mills Price
Tolehaven Collection Vol III - Gail Anderson
Painting Heartwarming HOLIDAYS - Jami Mills Price
Elegant Aging Techniques - Priscilla Hauser
A Very Merry Handpainted Christmas - Carol Mays
Muffins & Mittens - Kay Quist
Snowflake Fantasy - Kay Quist
Hearts Delights - Kay Quist
Sassy Seasons - Kay Quist
Showtime Smiles - Kay Quist
The Cole Collection - Debbie Cole
Seasons Best - Sandra Malone
Budding Blessings & Frosty Faces - Michelle Almeide
Holiday Harvest - Christine Schilling
Starlight Seasons Bk 2 - Bev Johnson & Pam Tyriver
Seasons Shared - Kay Quist & Karen Wisner
Gran's Attic - Ros Stallcup
Warm & Wooly Friends - Renee' Mullins
Briar Patch 4 - Sandy Fochler
All Things Possible - Susan Kelley
All Things Possible 2 - Susan Kelley

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You got 21 Painting books! Oh my goodness, Santa was sure good to you! You must have been VERY GOOD this year! LOL You must have had so much fun looking through all of them and picking projects you want to do in the new year. I'll sure be looking forward to seeing your projects. Luvs

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I got 22 painting books and alot of other things. I truly feel blessed always. I ended up with 2 of Snowtime Smiles by Kay Quist so I could share if someone would like one. It's so hard to pick what to paint with all of the new ideas.

We had Christmas dinner here so everyone went through the books and put sticky notes on what they wanted with their names on them. I told them not to hold their breath cause it takes along time to paint some of the projects, but I would try to get them done according to holidays for them.

I also received lots of new brushes and a jar of triple thick. I don't see where it says how to clean your brushes after using it. My children and sister are very generous at buying books, they will enjoy new things for themselves and their friends also. I love the Between the Vines so that's what I started with.
We had a great day today with GD and family. We shopped and went out to dinner afterwards.

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Wow!!! You racked up!! Congratulations. Good idea on letting the family go thru them and pick what they want. I hope you do go crazy and paint lots to show us!

Your Santa has such a sweet smile on his face. Did you put a stake on that one or hang it? And your plaid looks so good on the star. I can never get mine to look that pretty. Everything looks great. Looking forward to seeing lots more projects from you now since you have the books and the camera and you are so quick....no excuses. ha

I looked at some of the books you got online. Lots of fun ones with lots of seasons to choose from. The Kay Quist Americana Santa is awesome....so you can put a tab on that one for me! ;) ha


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I should of staked the santa sign but I just put a hanger on it. You always come up with great ideas. Maybe I can work on that for next year. ha ha

The plaid is so easy if you will water your paint and brush down and use a good flat brush. Just make sure you dab your brush on a towel before you go to your project. As long as it's wet you can work with it and have a nice outcome. Your such a good painter that I can't imagine you having any trouble doing plaids. You can tell with my projects the ones I try to hurry through.

I can't find the Americana Santa so help me out girlfriend. Which book is it in? I may surprise you and send you one.

I have a patriotic snowman in All Things Possible 2 that I will be painting for my sister and I'm sure she would like santa also.

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I can hardly wait to see some of your projects from Laurie Speltz. I think she has some really cute projects. I've wished I had snow flake stencils to use instead of painting them on some of my projects lately. What stencils did you get?

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I misread yours and looked at her Sweet and Sassy Seasons instead so that's where the patriotic snowman is.

I think you got it right. I think I'm not watering down my paint enough when I do the plaid. I will try that next time for sure. Thanks!

I was thinking the exact same thing on the snowflake stencil!! ha I just painted a box for friends and it had a lot on it. ha I could have used one of those! ha


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No help here with snowflake stencils, the ones I got are for garden themed words and items. The cd is called Instant Images and shows her fast way of basecoating with stencils and then embellishing them with shading and detail work. I will probably do a couple later on, I'm thinking of doing a project with the stenciled words done lightly for the background and then a painted picture on top. I've seen some of her projects like that and liked them.

Speaking of books, have you noticed that there seem to be less painting books on Artists Club now? Sort of scares me when I look there. Wish I could afford to buy more of them.


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Luvs, When I look at the new books on Artist Club I have to wonder if oil painting is making a comback. It seems there are so few new books coming out, especially in acrylics.
There isn't anything new anymore so maybe it's time for a change in things. What do you think? Actually I would welcome that as I have been craving to get out the oils again. Of course I won't give up on acrylics.......I have a bejillion (sp)? painting books on both mediums. nance

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Nance, I've never tried painting with oils. Was always concerned because of the longer drying time required, figured I'd end up messing it up before it got completely dry!

I imagine the lack of new books is like everything else, the prices went up and allot of us quit buying them as much. Before, I would buy the book even if there were only one or two projects I liked, now I hesitate to do that when they are $10.95 and up! It's that "supply and demand" thing! LOL

That is so great that you can paint in both mediums. How about the cost factor? Do the oils cost more? Then you need to buy the canvas, right? And then frame it? Then have space to hang them? That's one thing I sure don't have much of at this house!


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