Alcohol inks

drtdgrJanuary 26, 2013

I'm interested in using alcohol inks with tempered glass.

Has anyone done this? Does the ink go on the back of the TG?

And it won't come off with grouting? I want to make a moon with it using the usual materials, thinset and grout.

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There's an artist on Flickr who has done quite a bit of work w/alcohol inks. She left a project outside for a year/two???, and it fades, but I think inside projects w/be great. Check her out on Flickr. Her name on Flickr is: Poppins Mosaics and Crafts

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You put the inks on the substrate and glue over them. We played with them in Susan Crozeni's workshop.. We used them on mirror and then TG'd it. Mosaic Wench, Pat Mitchel also does amazing stuff with them

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Thanks for the info, ladies. Enjoyed looking at the websites of the above artists. So much to learn.

The colors are so intense with the inks. Fabulous.

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YES they are amazing. I read once that depending on the glue she uses, Pat can get different effects from the ink.. similar how it fogs up with alcohol. Also, Pat is building on mirror so her work doesn't need backlighting

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I use them also and it is so much fun to see the end results .I use ten foil under mine and also shiny wrapping foil tissue. So many ways

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Those crosses are great. I bought a mirror yesterday and am going to experiment today with inks and tempered glass.

I assume I can cut the mirror with my Toyo pistol grip.

So much to learn. Usually I can stick with one project and finish it, but I've been bouncing all over the place lately.

I have piles of half-started projects now. Not that I have any reason to complain - more techniques and materials mean a greater depth to the making of mosaics in my book.

It's a lot like gardening or writing - looking at it from different angles, pondering how to create a certain vision.

It takes me a long time and a few revisions - and sometimes a tension headache - but if I stick with it I'm usually satisfied with the results.

I like what Ernest Hemingway said about writing - the first draft is always s**t. I'm no Ernest Hemingway, but you get the idea.

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