Four little ornaments

luvstocraftDecember 17, 2008

Had picked up these little ornament shapes at a TS, then found these patterns by Lisa Kennedy in my December Painting magazine. Luvs

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Luvs, These ornaments are adorable. Keep painting!!!

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How fun these are! You have been busy! Love the snow on the carrot of the snowman, and the pine needles are great...mine always turn out awful!

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Super cute! Are you using them as tags or ornies?? Good job on the greenery. =) ~Anj

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Glad you all thought they were cute! I'll probably use a couple of them as tags on gifts of my homemade peanut brittle.

Do you gals put your name and the year on things you make like these? And what do you think of only one side having a design on it?


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I always try to put my initials and date on all pieces. If I am selling them I also add a clear, stick on, label giving my name, address and phone number. When I get new labels they will have my email addy instead of my home addy.

Putting a design on the back, for me, depends on what I think I will be doing with them. If they go against a wall, then I only base coat the back. But if both sides might be seen, I sketch the back and using the same painting instructions, paint the back, but not as detailed as the front. And if I am selling the piece, then I increase the price slightly. Ornaments are always painted on both sides.

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Luvs, these are so sweet. I always sign my name and date my pieces - although sometimes the signature is very, very small. I have done some ornaments with only one side but I try to do both when possible. Like the rose ornament, I painted the rose on the front but the back I just painted leaves and berries. I don't mind buying them with painting on just the front but I never buy anything that has not at least been basecoated on the back. Keep posting those paintings, I love looking at them. B

Oh, I just posted my ornaments that I have painted over the past year on my blog - some you have seen and a few new ones.

I would add it as a link but I don't know how to do that yet.

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I always try to remember to initial or sign mine and date them. Sometimes I do forget.
I will basecoat the back of most of my stuff especially if I'm giving it as a gift.

Here's the link for you Bebe. You just put the website address into the "Optional Link URL" box below where you write your post then write whatever you want to call it in the "Name of the Link" box below that. =)
I'm off to take a look. ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: Brushed by an Angel

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