Three ornaments

luvstocraftDecember 17, 2008

Painted these three cute little guys from a Renee Mullins pattern in one of my magazines. My apologies to Renee, I know mine look no where nearly as good as hers! LOL

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Luvs, They turned out great. What would you like to be different about them? Add a nose or mouth to the ginger? Don't sweat the small stuff and keep painting so we can enjoy. LOL

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How darling! They are great and as phonegirl said in all in the enjoyment of the painting. I often paint duplicate items and no two ever turn out the same. To me, the artist who made the pattern/instructions just took my thoughts and saved me the trouble of working out the lines and colors. When I paint it's mine not hers. And it will be different.


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Well, I don't think they could look any better! Did you cut these out? I love Renee Mullins patterns, but it's always good to see your individual take on whatever pattern you use. I hardly ever use the same colors and there is almost always something that I change from the original too. I think they are really cute. How big are they? They are probably too big, but they would make cute pins. =) ~Anj

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I love Renee Mullins patterns. Anj, these are about 31/2x 4 inches--could easily be made a bit smaller though. I did cut them out--really easy ones. Don't have any special plans for them, just made them because I liked them. Luvs

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Luvs, they look adorable. The gingerbread looks like she is cold. Renee Mullins has the cutest patterns but like Anj says, you paint them as your own and always do such a nice job.

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