Reindeer Tags!

pezabelleDecember 16, 2008

Tried to post this once and somehow lost it so........

Just finished these yesterday. They were fun but a lot of work. Helped tweeked or is it tweaked my forgotten skills. They are from Sharon Chinn. Her line work is more "free" while I like mine "simple"

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So now I have two pictures of my Reindeer Tags.....SORRY!

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Don't worry about it Belle, I've had the same thing happen to me before too.

These look so cute, but Photobucket isn't letting me enlarge them so I can see all the neat details. I'll see if the other post will enlarge.


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It wouldn'nt let me enlarge it either, and it did before I submitted the post, so I will post it yet again.

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Your reindeer tags look pretty cute. Photobucket needs to start playing well with others so we can enlarge huh? ha ha I like to see them larger and enjoy the details but not now I guess. I don't always like to do small projects because they take so long too, but the ending results are well worth the time. Keep painting so we have something to enjoy!

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Well, Belle, from what I can see they look very awesome. I'll have to look up that artist. You did a nice job on them. Look crisp and I love the colors. So are you using them as tags or ornies?? ~Anj

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I emailed Photobucket support and told them I am not the only one having problems with the pictures not enlarging when you click on them. Let's hope they can get it fixed. They have emailed me back several times with questions, so I know they are looking into it. It is so irritating to not be able to have them work like they used to. I did discover that mine work fine when posted just by the html code--but not when I do the clickable ones.

These looks so cute too. And yes, small things do seem to be time consuming--but you sure made a bunch of these.


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I can't enlarge either but they are sure cute from what I can see and you did a great job in painting them. B

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