Judithva - where are you??

yborgalJuly 26, 2011

Haven't seen any posts from you in quite awhile. How are things going?

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I've wondered also. She was changing some rooms - right? and redoing a kitchen. w/d (one of them) in garage. wasn't one in the kitchen?

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Maybe summer is a hard time to be energetic with working on a house. I know this forum is very supportive, and there should be no reason for anyone to feel turned away. So we just wait, and when they are excited about working on it again, maybe we'll see how they are doing.

If anyone knows her, maybe they could drip her a note and see what gives?

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Last I read a few months ago she had her walls back up and was conserving money and cut off her internet. I think I remember that correctly.

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oh darn shades - well, maybe she did that to save money to finish up or do her kitchen. hope she comes back...

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If anyone else must disappear into this impending economic void, please shout out so we can know what happened?

I'm afraid we will lose contributors here and on the other GW forums, but you are all my neighbors. For heaven sake, we sit down and have TEA together.

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While we're talking about it- I'll be very sporadic for the next couple years. There won't be any Internet up at our property until the house is done. My plan is to go into town about once a week where there is free Wi-Fi so I can get caught up. The good news is is that I'll have LOTS to talk about (as if that were ever a problem LOL!)

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ML - I'm with you on that. I miss people when they don't post for a time. like IDIE too!

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Oh, I'm still hanging around (lurking in the shadows, lol). For some unknown reason I have not been posting, but I pop in to read the posts and see what you all are working on (hoping it will inspire me).

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I heard from Judith. She's still remodeling and she'll post pictures when any are interesting and show great change.
She's also gotten involved with photography and that's taking up a great deal of her time.
She is well, though, and that's a relief.

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Mona, what a relief that you give a happy report about Judith.

I'm wondering to what extent she is involved with photography. It can be a demanding taskmaster, if you are going the manual SLR route, and if going DSLR, there is a lot more to it than point and shoot. I'm becoming very dissatisfied with the results my Sony Cybershot T-700 is giving, when I blow them to 100% it shows they are not really focused or else my hand is not steady...probably a little of both, I'd say. But I love good pictures, and can appreciate that Judith feels that way too.

Give her my best, we'll still be hanging here when she has something to show off. :)

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Hi all, a couple of people (including Mona) got in touch we me that you were asking about my progress. I am sorry I have been away so long. My laptop at home no longer works (got a serious virus) The last time I took it to be fixed by Geek people they really messed it up and charged me a fortune! So it will just have to sit not fixed for a long time. I am posting this from a different (not too convienent) location :(

the photo below, is NOT my actual home, it is a home of someone else selling the same style home as mine, so I thought this would be an OK before.

Starting the tear down, it was dusty but fun, all that smashing is very good for stress relief.
Looking into the old bedroom, which will be the new living room.

If you click on the photo, I think it will take you to my flicker site and you can look at the rest of the photos I have so far....I need to take new pics of my progress.

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It wants me to log in to view your photos.

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marti8, hmmm, I took the privacy restrictions off them, give it another try? If you still can't see them I will try to slowly post here, but it is difficult for me to do from where I am at this time.

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SO GLAD to see you posting again. I know many were worried about you.Hope you can come back to us soon and up date all of your progress. Sorry about the computer situation.

I commented on one of your pictures on Flicker. I am Canary cottage.

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shades of idaho,

Aw, thank you. I am sorry to have worried anyone. Not having a computer "at hand" is very frustrating. I still have issues with the past chemo...I wonder if the after effects ever end? I slows me down alot. UGH

Plus I have been pretty busy doing portrait photography and just plain learning how to use the camera correctly, I am sure when I can finally get a new computer and the software that one needs for the photography I will even be more entrenched. (hopefully a new lens too for taking wide angle photos for home interior shots and tablesetting. Hmmm.. I think I need to go play the lottery. LOL

I really wanted to have all this finished sooner, but I just have to be patient. LOL

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I can see them now, Jude.
And isn't it amazing how much space you get from taking out only a portion of that wall to create a sight line to the new living room!!! Substantial looking columns, so probably it can be done to a load bearing wall also? I mention this, because I want to do something similar when I bust through to my kitchen from the dining room.

I know how you feel about that exercise equipment. If it does not sell, how about turning it into a pergola for vines? Out on the front stoop? :)

Glad to see you back, was really concerned about your disappearance.

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I can see them now too. It is looking good. Are you doing all the work yourself? I've never done sheetrock by myself but I am about to try it.

I didn't know you did photography. I would love to have a decent camera and take some classes. Sorry you are having health problems. I have heard other people talk about chemo after effects.

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moccasinlanding, thank you too!

Actually the walls are not load bearing in those 2 spots (thankgoodness). I just like the columns being bigger, I had wimpy ones, but they just did not look good.

Oh, that equipment. I used to use it alot pre- cancer/chemo, but now not really useful for me. So it has to go! I would like to sell it, everybit helps, but I may just end up donating it.
Thanks again for thinking of me :)

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good to hear from you. i'll have to take a look at the pics later...
sorry to hear your health isn't so good and has slowed you down. Mine slows me done too - almost to a snail's pace.

I bought a new fuji this summer and have no clue how to use it really yet. I just snap a pic - and they don't look very good either! will take time this winter to read the manual I guess and find out what I should be doing. Nothing to do professionally tho. my X is a photographer (he teaches it) and my son and DIL are photographers also. DIL does weddings and has a studio. my son helps her when the wedding load gets heavy. All 3 exhibit their work.

i stay far away from those geek people. They take your money and do nothing unless make it worse. If you can boot up try to get to the free TRend Micro virus scan site. See if it helps.

good to hear from you also idie! been thinking of you - thought you might be lurking. Chime in sometimes!

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I only did the tear down or at least 98% of it, I did not remove the electrical, too scary for me. I can do drywall taping and such, but I am so picky, I really don't like my finished work as well as a pro.
As far as the build went, a lady I work with has a son-in-law that does construction and he needed some extra money. His price was fantastic (for me) so I had him build the new walls and columns, and he did the electric. I ran out of money for the rest of the job, and have been saving up for the last part of it. Unfortunately he is too busy right now (a good thing (for him) considering this economic enviroment), especially with the results of the recent hurricane here, so he has plenty and better paying options right now. I am totally confidant that I could build a simple wall, but the last wall that needs to be built is more complicated (figures) LOL

desertsteph, thank you too. That is cool that you have experienced photographers in your family. When I was young I did wedding photography and in-my-home studio photography when my ex and I were stationed in Germany. Wedding photography is serious, nerve racking hard work, there is no way I could do it at my age and condition now :(

I will be happy just doing the photography that I can for now.

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