It never stops.....I need to Vent.....

imamom2February 14, 2009

Someone please tell me why a grown woman would tell her grandchild that her grandfather has a rock on his bones and he is gonna die???????

This child is 5 yrs old and she loves her PopPop more than anything in this world. We were going to get her for the weekend, and we had forgotten about a few other things we needed to do. We told the childs mother (my SD) that we would get her next weekend. So her grandmother (DH's EX) told this child about my husbands cancer and that he is going to die.

This child lived with us unitl about 6mo ago when her mom got mad at me and took her back, then her mother moved and left this child with her mother. The SD is bipolar and we my husband and myself took her to get help and the meds she needs to control the highs and lows. She is doing much better. I can not get my husband to understand that he really needs to step up for this child and do what is right for her. His health is ok right now, and we are very thankful for that. You would never know he had cancer till he pulled up his shirt and see where the kidney and part of the lung have been removed. I think he really needs to stand up for this child while he still can.

Oh we did go get the GD her mom called and said she was crying and very upset because she thought her PopPop had died.

Thanks for letting me vent....Sorry I went on and on and I sure hope it can be read :) lol

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"Someone please tell me why a grown woman would tell her grandchild that her grandfather has a rock on his bones and he is gonna die???????'

oh my. Some people just do not think.

I can relate, on a much smaller scale. My DD had a hernia repair right before she turned 5 years old. It was an epigastric hernia and required a small incision to be made. She had to be fully under, the whole deal. Well, I really wanted to make sure she was not anxious before the procedure so for a few days before, I explained to her how the doctor was going to give her some medicine to make her sleep, and while she was asleep and dreaming, he was going to fix the lump on her tummy.

BM took it upon herself to tell her son (my SS) that they needed to pray for my DD (I do appreciate the sentiment) because "the doctors were going to cut her tummy open with a knife."

ACCCKKKKK. So of course DH and I found out about this because SS came over and told my DD that the doctors were going to cut her tummy open with a knife.

I was rip roarin' p*ssed!!!!!

I'm sorry for what was said to your SD. That is just not right at all. :(

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I was in the same sort of situation but it concerned my husband. He was scheduled for by pass surgery and was very scared. I talked him out of the fear by playing down how serious it was, he had so much confidence in me it worked. Then his best friend called and wanted to bring a preacher over for a prayer session. I told him no way.

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