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phonegirlDecember 10, 2008

Oh my goodness. My daughter was here this morning and I shot a few pictures and headed to work. When I looked at my snowman shutter tonight it had been left to close to the heat and warped a little. Guess I won't have to add anything to it. We got our first snow tonight in a long time so my snowman melting is not going with the weather.LOL The last snowman is one I painted years ago.

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Your shutters are cute PG. I like the way you used the outer edge on the Santa to put the Christmas lights around. Your lettering on both of them is done really well too. I'm sorry your snowman got warped. Any way to fix him? Didn't notice it in the picture so it must have happened after. I still think those shutters would be hard to paint to match up one slat to the next. I like the last snowman too....another cute bird. =) ~Anj

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Your shutters turned out great. What a great idea doing the painted lights around the edges! Love your lettering too. So many good ideas! Cute snowman on those bell shapes too--love the dimension of the added items and his cute face! You are such a fast painter! I can't believe how quickly you are whipping these things out--Im jealous! Luvs

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I did take the picture in the morning and left the shutter to close to the heater all day. When I returned home after work was when I noticed it. These are plastic shutters so no way to help it unless I wanted to heat it up and try bending it back. I had planned to just put large whispy greenery with snow and berries around the snowman shutter. I thought I would write Flakes Welcome to take up some of the white space. However, I'll paint some more and see what I think. Sometimes it's hard to see what needs to be added but I love Cmas lights so I did add to the Santa shutter and thought it turned out ok. Anj,did you notice my dancing ginger? I put that on cause you love gingers and I laughed when I noticed that one was doing a jig.

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Yes, I did see that little gingerman. You did that for me?? ha Thanks!! He does look like he's going to kick up his heels in a jolly little jig. Makes me smile. =)

I sometimes don't notice things on my projects until I take the picture of it and then I have to go back and do it. Yours look great the way they are so anything you add will just be icing. ~Anj

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Phonegirl, those are really terrific! I haven't ever tried painting on shutters - it makes me "shudder" to think of trying to keep it lined up! Did you say they are plastic? Did you use acrylic and it is holding?

I like the way you decorated around Santa. That is my biggest challenge - trying to decide what to add interest in that way.

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Thanks Cali for the nice comment. The shutters I used are plastic and I just ran my brush down from one slat to the next with alot of paint and it was very easy. I did simple designs so I didn't have to trace anything in detail. When I want ideas for borders I browse through my books and always put things from different artists together. I used acrylic paint and haven't sealed it but will with my waterbased varnish.

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You did a great job on painting these shutters. I can't imagine that it is an easy task - having to paint each slat but it sure turned out cute.

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What FUN those are!
Did you use a glitter or just a glossy paint on the xmas lights? They look like they sparkle!
Where and how do you display the shutters?
I just love that idea!

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Intolerable, I used glitter paint on them. I just sat one on the floor by a china cabinet in the dining room and hung the other on a wall in the hallway. I got this idea from Luvs. She painted a snowman shutter first. You'll have to go back in the gallery and take a look. It's pretty cool! Punk

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pezabelle just totally amaze must have figured out how to stop time. One great project followed by another! The shutter are really great as it the bell ringing snowman. Sure wish DH hadn't taken our shutter door apart. I just might have to go looking for a couple.


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Belle, your so funny, you sound like Luvs and Anj. No wait, I think it's this forum. Maybe we should warn others before they become addicted and can't escape.

You are all so fun and if you weren't so sweet I'd feel guilty and quit posting so much. I'm use to running my mouth all day so the nights and weekends when I have time I paint as fast as I normally talk, I guess. If the businesses wasn't doing so well it would be scary after that statement. OM

I don't know how I accomplish so much but it's just the way I do it. My life is so busy and I wouldn't know how to act if it wasn't.

I hope you get to paint on some shutters. It won't be long and we should be able to pick some up at yard sales. Doesn't that sound like fun? I started one for Valentine's Day but haven't got back to finish it. I painted a large heart in the center and put roses and vines along one edge. Now I have to go back and try to finish and it hasn't been the right time.

I have a client tomorrow night so I won't be back until Wed. night. I know I can't tell all of you how much I enjoy this forum. Nothing better than a little R & R. Punk

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Have a safe trip Punk, and I hope things go well with the client. You are so fun, and I love signing on here and seeing your messages and projects, so please don't stop. Luvs

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