Wild paint in teen's small room

pianoladyJuly 18, 2006

Teenagers always have interesting taste in paint colors, my dd is very artistic, so her paint in her tiny room is the same. These photos were taken right after painting, before she got her artwork back on the wall.

Her closet became a "theatre" of sorts, housing more books than clothes. The area above the closet rod is her library. We removed the curtains from her window and used them for the closet (velveteen curtains).

We color blocked her wall to match her bedding, and the shape of the bed.

Crammed something into every nook and cranny, she wanted a computer desk more than she wanted a dresser. So, now she stores all her clothes in ultra-suede cubes, no dresser!

And finally, she has her own tiny bathroom, every teenage girl's dream. The other purple curtain is the entrance to the bathroom.

Her bedroom re-do was a grand success, especially considering the "before" state. All her garage sale specials from her early childhood found its way to charity.

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How creative she is! I love her color choices, and her dramatic draperies. I think that she is quite talented, and that you all did a great job organizing everything.

And, kudos to you, Mom, for allowing her to express herself in her room. Good job! :)

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I love what you've done with your DD's bedroom and she must be thrilled to have that and her own bathroom. She's and you did a great job.


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Wow what a fabulous transformation. Love the colors chosen. You ladies are very creative.

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