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Shades_of_idahoJuly 31, 2011

An add came on the side of the page on Facebook. I usually do not click the adds but this one hooked me into it. It is a small cottage community in Washington. Then some others joined that do small cottages.

Here is a link that might be useful: More small home living.

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I'm about to check it out. But of course, something you wrote must have indicated you liked cottages, because the ads are responsive to YOU. So I suppose I will be getting some of the same ads on my FB as well.

For a year, I've been off that site, but am working my way gradually back into it. Lots of changes to their privacy policy in a year, for the better. But it still will not let you terminate your account, just log out.

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ML on the privacy deal. I just do not give them my real information. Whatever I do not want them to know about me I just make some thing up ti fill in their slot. Then write it down in my computer address book with all my computer information so in case I need to remember some thing like a password I can retrieve what I told them.

Like Face book is filed under F. Yahoo under Y and so on. Works great and nothing ever gets lost this way.

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