KAW: Brunch for 80(ish)!

chicagoansMay 5, 2014

Yesterday was a benefit 5K that raised money for a local place called the Wellness House. It provides programs and services to cancer patients and their families.

A friend of mine formed a team to run in honor of my late DH, who died of cancer last year. I invited everyone to come to my house for brunch after the run. Our goal was to get 35 people signed up... we got 100! It was so great and I was really touched. (Still am.)

Not all 100 made it to my house, but we had at least 80. Luckily it was nice enough that we had tables outside as well as inside, and our Bloody Mary bar was outside too. Especially lucky for me is that my friends rock - everyone brought food, and my backyard neighbors came over to pop things in the oven and plug in the coffee urns while I was at the race. (They helped cook, too!) One lesson learned: coffee urns use a lot of power. After blowing the circuit breaker twice, I ended up moving one of them to another counter and outlet.

I forgot to take pictures while it all looked lovely - too busy running around and catching up with folks. So here are some pictures after most people had eaten. (I have tons of leftovers, even after sending everyone home with something.)

It was a great day with awesome friends remembering a wonderful man. I love having people I love in my kitchen!

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Sounds like a really great time!

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What a great tribute to yor family. Looks like your kitchen did it's work well!

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What a terrific way to pay homage to a wonderful man! So glad you had such a great turnout and had lots of fun yourself. And your kitchen was obviously up to the task!

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What an awesome way to honor your husband. And what great friends and neighbors you have. This is the best use of a kitchen. :)

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That was really moving! I am sorry for your loss, I cannot even imagine.

Here's to many more years of blessings as yet unforeseen!

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I am very sorry for your loss. It's heartwarming to see all those lovely people surrounding you and honoring your husband in such a meaningful way. Thanks for sharing this special kitchen story.

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This is a beautiful tribute to your husband. 100 people is a testimony to how much you and your late husband mean to so many. I lost my Dad at Christmas last year and the outpouring from people is overwhelming. Here's another glass lifted in honor of those that left us.

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A wonderful way to honor the memory of your late husband. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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Very touching. Thanks for sharing.

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robo (z6a)

This is truly lovely and your kitchen really got a workout. It's so wonderful to hear of friends and neighbours pulling together and making a big event happen.

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